young boy wearing dental braces at his visit with our Houston pediatric dentist

Benefits Of Pediatric Dental Braces By Our Houston Dentist

Dental braces are designed to fix problems with the spacing of the teeth and jaw alignment. These are issues that are typically identified at a young developmental age. That’s why it’s important to schedule an appointment for your child with a Houston pediatric dentist to determine if dental braces are recommended.

Why Your Houston Pediatric Dentist Might Recommend Dental Braces

Your Houston cosmetic dentist may suggest dental braces or Invisalign for a number of reasons. Correcting bite and tooth alignment have a wealth of aesthetic and medical benefits, including:

  • Reduced cavities: Effective dental hygiene is easier to maintain on straight, properly aligned teeth.
  • Reduced teeth grinding: We’re not often aware of our own teeth-grinding behavior, especially when it occurs at night. Our Houston cosmetic dentists may suggest dental braces to reduce teeth grinding and ensure the lasting health of your child’s teeth.
  • Improved ability to chew food: If your child’s teeth or bite are crooked, it can impact their ability to fully chew, and thereby digest, their food. Our Houston pediatric dentists know that proper digestion is key to overall health.
  • Improved speech function: Sometimes protruding teeth can lead to speech impediments like lisps. If this is the case, your Houston kids dentist may suggest dental braces for your child to improve his or her speech function.
  • A beautiful, confident smile: Straight, healthy teeth can boost your child’s confidence and improve self-esteem.

Our Houston Pediatric Dentist Offers Dental Braces and Invisalign

Today’s Houston cosmetic dentist offers more orthodontic options than ever before. The heavy, clunky dental braces that parents may remember from their childhood have become much lighter and comfortable. Some children and adolescents with less severe misalignment may qualify for Invisalign, which is made from a thin, clear plastic that gradually corrects your child’s teeth over time.

When Should You Ask Your Houston Kids Dentist About Braces?

Because children are still growing, their teeth are more easily realigned than those of an adult, so our Houston cosmetic dentists suggest your child’s first visit regarding braces take place around the age of 7. During this consultation, our Houston kids dentist will discuss your options for dental braces or Invisalign and walk you through the next steps. If your child is ready to receive the many benefits of pediatric dental braces, both medically and aesthetically, call our Houston cosmetic dentists today to book an appointment and begin a journey toward a winning smile and lifelong dental health.