digital render of a dental bridge by our Houston cosmetic dentist

Bridging the Gap to a Beautiful Smile With Dental Bridges

Our Houston cosmetic dentist sees many patients who suffer from missing teeth and would like to complete their smile. A dental bridge is one of the many options we offer that can successfully transform your smile and give you back your confidence.

What is a Dental Bridge by Our Houston Cosmetic Dentist?

Like the name suggests, a dental bridge is a bridge between teeth. It is used to erase a gap in between teeth without having to create a post in your mouth like we would for a dental implant

What to Expect When Getting a Houston Dental Bridge at Our Cosmetic Dentist Office

Getting a dental bridge starts with a diagnosis appointment to effectively customize your dental bridge to the shape of your mouth. Once we've taken impressions of your mouth, we will move forward with sending them to the lab so they can work on your custom dental bridge. Once the dental bridge is complete, our Houston cosmetic dentist will install it at a second appointment and make any final adjustments.

Why Do You Need a Houston Dental Bridge?

Aside from beauty, there are many functional reasons to get a dental bridge. Keeping the teeth properly aligned and the bite justified is very important because it helps to prevent tooth decay, gum disease, jaw problems, and even tooth loss. A simple bridge from our Houston cosmetic dentists at Victory Smiles could help combat these dangerous and sometimes very painful issues.

A very important aspect of life is being able to chew, and when you have gaps in your teeth it is very hard to do so safely. The simple act of eating food is something we take for granted but it is also linked to immense joy. Tie those two factors in with the fact that getting dental bridges is considered a non-invasive procedure, and dental bridges might very well be just what you need to regain a winning smile. 

Our Houston Dentists Can Give You a Winning Smile With a Dental Bridge 

Any fully grown adult can get a bridge, but you do have to have healthy oral tissue and at least one missing tooth. If the bone is adequate to secure your bridge, you are a perfect candidate. If you live in Houston or surrounding areas, our cosmetic dentists at Victory Smiles are here to help you with your dental bridge needs. If you're ready to enjoy your smile again, please book an appointment with us.