woman admires new dental crown in Houston dentist's chair

Dental Bridges Versus Crowns at Our Houston Cosmetic Dentist

Dental crowns and dental bridges are common ways our Houston dentist treats damage and decay that a simple cavity filling will not sufficiently address. While similar, however, these two prosthetic restorations are different in both structure and purpose. Understanding dental crowns and dental bridges can help you better prepare for which one our Houston cosmetic dentist has recommended for your treatment

What is a Houston Dental Crown?

When your tooth has sustained too much decay for a traditional filling, our Houston dentist may treat this damage with a dental crown, which is a prosthetic cap that is placed over the tooth after the decay has been removed. This treatment requires two visits to our office, the first of which features an impression of your tooth to make the crown and to remove the decay. Our Houston cosmetic dentist will affix a temporary crown until you can come in for your second visit, which is when the permanent dental crown will be placed.

What is a Houston Dental Bridge?

Much like the procedure for a dental crown, a dental bridge requires two visits: one to remove decay and make an impression for the dental bridge, another to place the permanent dental bridge when it is ready. Our Houston dentist uses dental bridges to treat missing teeth, however, instead of damaged ones. This is done by constructing two crowns with a prosthetic in between to fill the gap of the missing tooth or teeth.  These dental crowns attach to your existing teeth surrounding the gap and keep the prosthetic tooth in place.

Caring For Houston Dental Bridges and Houston Dental Crowns

The process of caring for your dental crown or dental bridge is quite similar. Our Houston cosmetic dentist recommends the following:

  • Brush and floss regularly: Regular flossing and brushing habits are an important facet of dental crown and dental bridge care. Food can get stuck under the surface of these prosthetics and cause bacteria to grow. This results in decay that will need to be addressed by our Houston dentist.
  • Use a night guard: If you grind your teeth, especially in your sleep, you’re putting an intense amount of pressure on your dental crown or dental bridge. When this occurs, they can crack or break under this pressure. The best way to avoid this damage is to be fitted for a night guard, which you’ll wear while you sleep.
  • Avoid certain foods: While your dental crown or dental bridge are affixed with a sturdy cement, it is not immune to trauma. Sticky and/or hard foods can cause the crown to shift or come loose, requiring you to visit our Houston cosmetic dentist and be fitted for a replacement.
  • Be gentle with your temporary crown or bridge: Because a temporary dental crown is meant to be worn for a short time, the adhesive used to keep it in place is intended to make removal easier for our Houston dentist. Therefore, be careful while chewing and especially gentle when brushing, flossing, or performing any other aspects of temporary dental crown care.
  • Visit our Houston dentist regularly: Scheduling regular visits with our Houston cosmetic dentist is the most important step in dental crown and bridge maintenance. We can ensure they are still properly seated and identify the likelihood of future issues before they arise.

Our Houston Cosmetic Dentist Can Place your Dental Bridge or Crown

The best way to address your damaged or missing teeth is to schedule an appointment to see our Houston dentist right away. Delaying this important treatment could result in more invasive procedures and lead to further damage to your healthy teeth and gums. Let Victory Smiles take care of your dental crown or dental bridge procedure and see why so many Houstonians choose us for their dental needs.