Dental Bridges Versus Dental Crowns: The Difference, Who Needs Bridges, and Why

Dental Bridges Versus Dental Crowns: The Difference, Who Needs Bridges, and Why

Dental bridges are a cosmetic dentistry service we offer at Victory Smiles in Houston. They may look very similar to crowns on the surface, but there are clear differences between the two procedures we offer at our offices in Houston. Here’s how bridges compare to crowns, who might benefit from them, and why.

Dental Bridges Versus Dental Crowns: How Do They Compare?

Dental bridges replace missing or extracted teeth, while dental crowns simply protect heavily damaged teeth so they don’t need to be extracted due to further damage.

If you are missing a tooth or multiple teeth that are next to each other, a bridge fills that gap. This helps maintain the facial structure and the integrity of the rest of your teeth.

Traditional bridges are the most common type of dental bridge you can get. In this case, the bridge is made up of a single false tooth, or multiple false teeth (depending on your personal case). These teeth are then held in place by dental crowns that are cemented onto the neighboring, healthy teeth. This whole procedure ensures the most natural appearance and comfortable fit, while also protecting your healthy teeth.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Dental Bridge?

Our Houston cosmetic dentists recommend bridges to our patients who need to replace teeth that have fallen out due to decay, or that have had to be extracted by us due to excessive decay in order to save the rest of their teeth.

Bridges are a great option for patients that are missing teeth because not only do they help them feel confident again, but tooth loss leads to facial collapse, which occurs when the face gets a bit distorted due to its missing teeth. Teeth are meant to work together and essentially keep the face upright, so missing teeth will make the face look sagged and create problems with speech, your bite, and proper chewing.

Consult Our Cosmetic Dentist at Victory Smiles in Houston

If you think you may benefit from a dental bridge, please book an appointment with our cosmetic dentist. Our dentist will determine if bridges are right for you, as well as which type of bridge is most suitable for you.