Dental Bridges at Victory Smiles in Houston

Dental Bridges at Victory Smiles in Houston

Dental bridges are one of the many cosmetic dentistry services we offer at Victory Smiles in Houston. Because they may not be as common as crowns, this blog breaks down what bridges are and why you may consider them now or possibly in the future.

What Are Bridges

A bridge is a fixed restoration that quite literally bridges the gap between your remaining healthy teeth after losing one or more. Dental bridges are made up of prosthetic teeth known as “pontics”, which are held in place by crowns cemented to the adjacent, healthy teeth.

It’s important to note that once we have completed an extraction, your gums will tend to shrink over the next few months while they adjust to the new gap between your teeth. If we were to immediately give you a bridge, it would result in a poor, uncomfortable fit, which wouldn't last long enough. Instead, our cosmetic dentist give you a temporary bridge. Once you come back and your dentist determines that your gums can snuggly hold a permanent bridge, we will create and install it for you.

Why Might You Need A Dental Bridge?

First and foremost, bridges are best suited to patients who need to replace any teeth that have been extracted due to excessive tooth decay. Bridges are especially helpful for our patients who have experienced more damage and even some jaw bone loss.

Aside from filling in the gap in your dental arch, installing dental bridges also helps ensure you can still eat and speak comfortably by avoiding a bad bite, prevents your other teeth from shifting, and maintains the shape of your face. When teeth are lost and not replaced, this will often result in what is known as facial collapse. Facial collapse occurs when your other teeth start moving into the gap in your dental arch, and over time, this will become noticeable in the overall shape of your lips, chin, and jaw, making you look older than you are.

Our Cosmetic Dentist at Victory Smiles in Houston Will Install Dental Bridges

If you are considering getting a bridge, please contact us so we can book an appointment for you with a cosmetic dentist. Our caring and highly-skilled dentist will complete an evaluation and determine which type of bridge is best to meet your needs and help you feel confident in your smile again.