Digital graphic illustrating how a dental crown is placed over a tooth

Dental Crowns At Our Houston Cosmetic Dentist Office

Dental crowns are one of the many cosmetic dentistry procedures our Houston dentist offers. They are known to restore your smile and protect it from damage, making them a viable option for those who wish to gain a winning smile after being concerned about their dental health. In this article, we will discuss what dental caps are and what you can expect from the procedure, should you choose to undergo it.

What Is A Houston Dental Crown?

A dental crown–sometimes referred to as a dental cap–is known as such because it's hollow and acts as a cap that is placed on top of a tooth that has sustained extensive damage. By placing a dental crown on a damaged tooth, we help prevent further damage from taking place while also protecting the neighboring teeth from sustaining the same damage. Dental crowns at our Houston cosmetic dentist office are very thin and made of porcelain so they appear like a natural tooth, as well.

When Does Our Houston Cosmetic Dentist Recommend A Dental Crown To A Patient?

There are a few case scenarios in which a dental cap may be suitable, including (but not limited to):

  • The affected tooth is suffering from excessive tooth decay
  • Your tooth cracked as a result of trauma
  • Your tooth has chipped (which is common in athletic injury)

Treating Our Houston Cosmetic Dentist Patients With A Dental Crown

If you end up needing a dental cap, the process will usually take place within two visits. Here is what you can expect:

The First Visit

Your first visit begins with us numbing the affected tooth so that we can proceed with a filling. Performing a filling gives the dental cap something to grip onto so it stays in place. 

Following the filling, we will shave down your tooth ever so slightly to ensure a perfect fit. Once we have reshaped the affected tooth, we’ll take impressions and send them to our dental lab, which is where they will create a dental cap that is perfectly customized to your smile. While you’re waiting for your crown, we will place a temporary crown on top of the affected tooth to protect it in the meantime.

The Second Visit

This visit is when we place the new, permanent dental crown over your damaged tooth. Our Houston cosmetic dentist takes extra care to communicate with you during this process so you can tell us if we need to make any adjustments. This stage is critical for a perfect, comfortable fit, so we ask that you please be upfront about how the dental crown feels. 

Once we’ve determined the right fit, we’ll cement the crown onto your tooth with dental glue.

Victory Smiles Is A Top Houston Cosmetic Dentist That Will Give You The Winning Smile You Deserve

If you’re wondering whether a Houston dental crown is right for you, please book an appointment with us so we can examine your teeth and help you make the decision. We look forward to giving you a healthy, confident smile!