Dental Crowns at Victory Smiles Cosmetic Dentist in Houston

Dental Crowns at Victory Smiles Cosmetic Dentist in Houston

A dental cap, most often referred to as a dental crown, is a fairly routine procedure we offer at our Houston cosmetic dentist.

What Are Dental Caps and Dental Crowns?

You may think of a dental cap like a baseball cap, for example, hence its name. It is a hollow, porcelain shell that we place over a tooth when it has been damaged by excessive decay. By adding a cap, we protect it from further damage. 

We may also utilize a dental cap if a tooth has been damaged by an injury, causing it to crack. The cap holds it together, ensuring it is well-protected from further damage. Furthermore, because dental crowns restore your teeth and simultaneously protect the neighboring teeth, it is highly likely that your dental insurance will be able to offer some coverage for the procedure. 

What is the Dental Cap Procedure Like?

Your dental cap will require two visits to our Houston cosmetic dentist office. This is what you may expect:

The First Visit

Your first visit begins with us numbing the affected tooth. We often complete a dental filling to fix the damage and so that the crown has something to hold onto. After, we will slightly shave down your tooth so that the cap fits snuggly. Once this preparation is complete, we will take impressions of your teeth and send them to our dental lab so they can create a dental cap that is perfectly customized to you. In the meantime, we may give you a temporary crown, depending on your particular case.

The Second Visit

When you come into our Houston cosmetic dentist office for your second appointment, it will be time to place the new, permanent dental cap over your tooth. We’ll make adjustments as needed and check your bite to ensure you have a comfortable, secure fit. Once we’ve determined the right fit, we’ll cement it to your tooth with a dental glue to permanently keep it in place.

Schedule a Consultation With Our Cosmetic Dentist at Victory Smiles in Houston

If you feel that a dental cap may be right for you, please book an appointment with us so we can examine your teeth and help you make the decision. We look forward to giving you a healthy, confident smile.