Houston cosmetic dentist patient showing off a healthy smile after a dental implant or partial denture procedure

Dental Implants And Dentures At Our Houston Cosmetic Dentist

Our Houston cosmetic dentist takes great pride in giving patients winning smiles, especially if they are missing teeth. Dental implants and dentures by our Houston cosmetic dentist are both great treatments for those who wish to complete and restore their smile. In this article, we will compare both treatments, including what they are and who may benefit from them.

What Are Cosmetic Dental Implants?

A cosmetic dental implant typically acts as a singular tooth. Our dental implants are made up of three components:

  • A metal post, which is often referred to as the implant
  • An abutment, which is a special connector
  • A crown or a bridge

Who Might Be A Great Candidate For A Dental Implant By Our Houston Cosmetic Dentist?

Since a dental implant replaces one tooth, you might be a good candidate if you are only missing one tooth or if you have a couple of teeth here and there that are missing. However, if you need multiple implants, it is critical to the success of your dental implants that the adjacent teeth are healthy enough to support them, especially if you require a dental bridge to be placed over the dental implant. 

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are used to replace multiple teeth. We offer two types of dentures: complete dentures and partial dentures. Which type our Houston cosmetic dentist recommends depends on your unique case.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Dentures?

When it comes to complete dentures, a great candidate is one who is missing all or most of their teeth. This is much more cost-effective than opting for several dental implants.

As for partial dentures, our Houston cosmetic dentist recommends these to patients who are missing a few teeth but will not benefit from a dental implant or dental bridge.

Is Your Smile Incomplete? Visit Our Houston Cosmetic Dentist To Determine If Dental Implants Or Dentures Are Right For You!

As with any dental procedure, it is imperative that you book an appointment for a consultation first. This will give our Houston cosmetic dentist a chance to assess your bite, understand your needs and preferences, and determine whether a dental implant, complete dentures, or partial dentures will restore your smile. Ready to get a winning smile? We look forward to taking care of you!