Early Wisdom Teeth Eruption in Our Houston Pediatric Dental Patients

Early Wisdom Teeth Eruption in Our Houston Pediatric Dental Patients

Wisdom teeth typically erupt, or emerge, between ages 17 and 21. For some, however, they may not emerge at all or may emerge as early as 13 years old. In this case, our Houston pediatric dentists may decide to remove them for a number of reasons.

What Exactly Are Wisdom Teeth?

A wisdom tooth is also known as a third molar. As humans, we typically have two molars in each quadrant, but when it comes to wisdom teeth, most people have one per quadrant. However, our pediatric dentists have seen patients with none at all, fewer than four, or more than four wisdom teeth.

Interestingly enough, wisdom teeth were absolutely necessary when we tore through tough roots, leaves, meat, and nuts. Today, though, we cook our food to make it soft and edible, we use utensils to eat and cut it, and our other molars help us chew. Many believe that over generations, humans will evolve to a point where they don’t even have wisdom teeth anymore.

Although properly erupted wisdom teeth can still be useful for chewing, improperly erupted teeth can cause some problems.

Complications With Wisdom Teeth Emerging Incorrectly

Problems with wisdom teeth occur when they don’t fit. In an attempt to fit, they may emerge sideways or at an angle. Such resulting complications include:

Crooked Teeth

After your child completes braces treatment, we make sure to keep an eye out for potential wisdom teeth. The last thing we want for our pediatric patients is for them to complete braces treatment and have beautiful straight teeth, only for their wisdom teeth to cause crookedness.

Tooth Decay

Brushing and flossing are much harder with the limited space caused by extra teeth, making it harder to clean the teeth. This can lead to rapid tooth decay.


In some cases, a child’s wisdom teeth are “impacted”, meaning that they are trapped beneath the gums. This can result in painful cysts, which can damage the surrounding teeth.

Victory Smiles Completes Wisdom Teeth Removal For Children

While wisdom teeth removal is a fairly routine procedure we perform on adults and kids, it’s best to remove them as early as possible. This is especially true in the case of the few children who experience early eruption. If your child is experiencing pain near their molars or in their jaw, please contact us so we can complete an x-ray and determine whether our Houston pediatric dentists need to remove their wisdom teeth.