Comparing how teeth with cavities look once our houston dentist has repaired the cavities with composite tooth colored filling

Effective Cavity Treatment At Our Houston Kids Dentist

Let’s talk about cavities. They can go unnoticed until it’s rather late when they can become extremely painful and uncomfortable. Try as you might to keep your child’s dental health in check, some kids are just more prone to cavities. Whether your child has cavities because of genetics or because they don’t floss correctly, we have a great solution: tooth-colored cavity fillings. In this article, our Houston pediatric dentist will break down what you need to know about these types of fillings.

What Are Tooth-Colored Cavity Fillings?

The technical name for “tooth-colored fillings” is actually “composite" filling. This type of filling is made with a blend of plastic resins and silica. When these are combined, they form a color similar to that of human teeth.

Before Composite Fillings, There Were Amalgam Fillings

You may associate the imagery of a cavity filling with the imagery of an amalgam filling. A traditional amalgam filling is silvery in color and has been used for over 100 years due to its low cost and effectiveness. However, we don’t offer amalgam fillings simply because they are very obvious when a patient is laughing or speaking, and, as a practice that also offers cosmetic dentistry, we don’t want our patients to feel insecure in their smile.

Why We Prefer Composite Cavity Fillings

As mentioned before, we want our patients to feel confident in their smiles. By treating cavities with composite, the location of the cavity will be practically invisible.

Further, unlike with amalgam, we don’t have to remove any of the healthy parts of the tooth. Composite enables us to preserve your natural tooth and strengthen it, which is why composite fillings tend to last longer. However, adequate dental hygiene is key to making these fillings last as long as they can and also prevent future cavities.

Long-Lasting Cavity Fillings At Our Houston Kids Dentist Offices

Cavities are extremely damaging (and may lead to a root canal) and can be uncomfortable, which is why we recommend your child visits our Houston pediatric dentist every 6 months. Not only do we perform regular cleanings, but we also perform x-rays about once a year. Both of these services help us spot cavities early on so damage and discomfort are minimal and we can quickly intervene with composite fillings. If your child is experiencing a toothache, then please book an appointment so we can conduct a dental exam. If we find a cavity, we will be more than happy to treat it with composite, tooth-colored fillings.