young boy getting a dental check up at our Houston dentist office

Ensuring Your Child Gets Regular Dental Check-Ups

Dental check-ups are critical to maintaining healthy teeth, but so many families never get their check-ups and dismiss dental care as unnecessary if they're brushing their teeth regularly. At Victory Smiles, our Houston kids dentist recommends that parents and their children come see us for a dental check-up every six months. Here’s why we are so adamant about seeing patients twice a year.

Regular Dental Check-Ups Are How We Monitor The Health Of Your Child’s Teeth

Dental check-ups twice a year are especially important for children because they may be prone to cavities while they try to learn the best way to maintain their dental hygiene. Further, we need to be sure that their teeth and jaws are developing correctly as they grow so we can intervene if necessary with dental braces or other procedures.

At Our Houston Pediatric Dentist Office, Children Will Get A Deeper Teeth Cleaning During Their Dental Check-Ups 

Even if your child does have a good hygiene routine and properly brushes and flosses their teeth every day, the fact remains that it is physically impossible for any of our patients to achieve a 100% clean. This is simply because tartar/plaque can build up behind and in between the teeth where floss and toothbrushes aren’t able to reach or sufficiently remove it. However, by using the state-of-the-art hygiene tools at our Houston kids dentist office, we will be able to clean these hard-to-reach areas for a deeper, healthier clean.

Kids Dental Check-Ups Serve As A Preventative Measure Against Severe Health Issues

Following your child’s teeth cleaning at their check-up, our Houston dentist will take the time to examine their teeth. In doing so, we take an even closer look at the bite and look for any subtle signs of health issues. Did you know that certain illnesses such as diabetes, gum disease, some cancers, and even cardiovascular disease may actually show the earliest signs in the teeth? Coming to check-ups on a regular basis will ensure that we can treat any illnesses early on.

Our Houston Kids Dentist Is Here To Help Your Child Gain A Winning Smile

Now that you know of the importance of getting a dental checkup twice a year, please book an appointment with our family-friendly and pediatric Houston dentist so we can make certain that you and your child’s teeth are healthy. We look forward to your visits and giving our patients a winning smile!