Houston cosmetic dentist patient undergoing teeth whitening treatment

Get Teeth Whitening At Our Houston Cosmetic Dentist Office

These days, a brighter, whiter smile is all the more accessible thanks to businesses that claim to sell DIY whitening kits online, as well as over-the-counter options available at some pharmacies. Although teeth whitening kits purchased for use at home seem ideal, our Houston cosmetic dentist will break down why you should stay away from DIY teeth whitening kits and stick to in-office treatment, such as those we offer at our offices.

At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits Aren’t As Effective As They Appear

Ads for teeth whitening kits are very effective at highlighting all of the benefits you get from using them, but that’s what advertising is meant to do. Unfortunately, in order for their advertising to be effective, they can’t tell you about the drawbacks associated with these products.

Drawbacks Of At-Home Teeth Whitening

DIY, at-home teeth whitening requires you to do all the steps yourself, which is a rather tedious process. These are many issues our Houston cosmetic dentist patients encounter when they have attempted to whiten their own teeth before coming into our office for a more effective treatment, including:

It Takes Many Tries To Get It Somewhat Right

When it comes to at-home teeth whitening, it’s not rare for patients to attempt multiple applications in one round of treatment so they can get close to the right shade. On top of that, it can be very difficult to get an even whitening due to the several layers patients try placing on their teeth.

Multiple Teeth Whitening Attempts Leads To Increased Tooth Sensitivity

If you apply the whitening treatment incorrectly, this often leads to excessive tooth sensitivity and pain. These are harsh chemicals you’re putting on your teeth, so it’s critical that the process is done properly and by a professional.

At-Home Teeth Whitening Is More Expensive

Although the first purchase of a teeth whitening kit may be far lower in cost than getting your teeth whitened at a Houston dental office, keep in mind that these kits aren’t designed for long-lasting results. They may last a few weeks, but in order to maintain your white smile, you will need to buy these kits very frequently, which adds up over time.

Visit Our Houston Cosmetic Dentist For In-Office Teeth Whitening Treatment Instead

If you would like a pearly white smile, the best way to achieve this is through in-office teeth whitening treatment at one of our Houston cosmetic dentist offices. By entrusting a trained cosmetic dentist to your teeth whitening needs, you can rest assured that our professional-grade equipment will give you a winning smile by maximizing your results so they last for months–not weeks. If you’re ready to show off a bright white smile, then please book an appointment with our Houston cosmetic dentist so we can discuss your needs.