Our Houston Cosmetic Dentist's Tips For Braces Pain Management

Our Houston Cosmetic Dentist's Tips For Braces Pain Management

One of the greatest worries our pediatric and adult dental patients face is the amount of pain they will be in during their dental braces treatment. After all, attaching metal brackets and wires to put enough pressure on your teeth so they move a certain way may sound daunting. The good news, though, is that pain from dental braces, although common, is not permanent and can easily be managed. Here is what our Houston cosmetic dentists recommend when it comes to managing your pain during your treatment.

What Causes Dental Braces Pain?

In order to manage the pain, it’s always a good idea to understand more about why our pediatric dental patients and adult patients are in pain, especially if you are reading this prior to your own braces fitting.

Pain is at its worst when you first get fitted because you have likely never worn an orthodontic appliance before, so this is a very new sensation. Over the next following days, the pain will turn to slight discomfort and soon fade completely as you get used to them. The only other times you may feel some soreness are whenever you get your wires tightened in order to continuously guide your teeth to the correct alignment, but this discomfort does not last long either.

Different Ways to Manage Pain While Wearing Dental Braces

Over-The-Counter Pain Killers

Occasional OTC pain medication is very effective when you first get your braces, as this is when you may feel the greatest amount of pain. If you have a low pain threshold, or you find yourself excessively sore after our Houston cosmetic dentists tighten your wires, then it may be a good idea to take some medication prior to your appointments so they kick in early and you feel less pain.

Avoid Hard or Chewy Foods

This is something we recommend throughout the entirety of your treatment, but especially when you first get braces or Invisalign. Instead, stick to softer foods like soup, rice, pasta, or mashed potatoes. This will ensure you don’t undergo any extra braces pain.

Ice Packs

If you are feeling any soreness, we recommend icing the outside of your cheek where you feel discomfort. This will greatly reduce swelling and numb your mouth a little so you get some much-needed braces pain relief. Be careful not to exceed 10-20 minutes.

Orthodontic Braces Wax

We give all of our metal braces patients orthodontic wax in the event that a wire or a bracket is causing pain and irritation. You can mold the wax and fit it around where you are irritated, which creates a barrier between the metal and the tissues in your mouth.

Most Importantly, Our Cosmetic Dentists in Houston Recommend Patience

It’s important to understand that there is an adjustment period for both metal braces and Invisalign, and pain and discomfort are part of that, but will only last a few days. If you are thinking about getting braces, please schedule an appointment with our cosmetic dentists. We will complete an evaluation and offer more tips for braces pain relief.