Happy couple with bright smiles following dental bridges and partial denture treatments with a cosmetic dentist

Houston Dental Bridges Versus Partial Dentures

Dental bridges and partial dentures at our Houston cosmetic dentist are two very common procedures we offer that fix the same problem: gaps in your smile due to missing teeth. If they fix the same problem, then what makes them different from one another? In this cosmetic dentistry blog, we will compare dental bridges and partial dentures (also referred to as “partials”)

What Are Dental Bridges?

A dental bridge is a fixed (permanent) restoration that bridges the gap between the space where you’re missing teeth and the remaining healthy teeth. A dental bridge by our Houston cosmetic dentist features a prosthetic porcelain tooth–which we refer to as a “pontic”–as well as dental crowns that will be placed over the healthy teeth so that the prosthetic tooth (or teeth) is held in place. 

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What Are Partial Dentures Like?

At our Houston cosmetic dentist, our partial dentures are made from an acrylic base that is designed to look like your natural gums, as well as porcelain prosthetic teeth. However, in some cases, we may use a metal base as well. Partial dentures are recommended when you’re missing a few teeth in different places and wish to replace them so you can have your smile back. Unlike permanent dental bridges, though, partial dentures are removable. 

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How Do You Know If Dental Bridges Or Partial Dentures Are Right For You?

Now that you know more about how both of these restorative appliances are made and what they do, you may be wondering which would be most suitable for you. 

If you are missing only a couple of teeth (especially if they’re adjacent), then we may recommend a dental bridge. On the other hand, if you are missing several teeth, either adjacently or in different areas, we may instead recommend a partial denture. 

Visit Our Houston Cosmetic Dentist For More Specific Recommendations For Your Smile Restoration

Although these are basic recommendations to keep in mind, we will be able to recommend the perfect solution for your missing teeth when you book an appointment for a consultation. At this appointment we will examine your overall dental health and determine what is likely to occur in the future as well so we can provide you with a restoration that will make your beautiful smile last for years to come.