children eating candy on Halloween before their Houston pediatric dentist appointment

Houston Dentist's Tips on How Your Kids Can Prevent Cavities

Tis’ the season for holiday treats, like candy, cookies, and sugary drinks. We all want our kids to enjoy the typical holiday traditions, like trick-or-treating, but we also want them to avoid the damage these sugary foods are known to cause. Sticky or excessively hard candies, like the ones that often end up in our children’s Halloween baskets, do more than just cause cavities; they can also pull out fillings, dislodge dental braces, and even crack or chip weakened teeth. Our Houston kids dentist has some tips on how to protect your child’s teeth and how to prevent cavities this Halloween while still enjoying all the fun this holiday has to offer.

How Do Cavities Form?

Cavities are damaged parts of the tooth caused by a combination of bacteria, poor food choices (like sugary snacks and drinks), and improper hygiene. Once your child’s tooth forms a cavity, our Houston pediatric dentist must remove the decay and then apply a cavity filling before it reaches the inner layers of the teeth, Otherwise, pain and infection could occur and then procedures like root canals or even extraction (pulling the tooth) become necessary.

How To Prevent Cavities, According to Our Houston Pediatric Dentist

Most parents want to know how to prevent cavities, especially as we approach Halloween, and the best way to do that is to brush and floss regularly, avoid sugary drinks and snacks, and maintain regular dental checkups. Children are commonly affected by cavities, so our Houston kids dentist encourages parents to monitor their child’s sugar intake, as well as their oral hygiene routine to ensure proper brushing and flossing techniques that can prevent cavities from forming in the first place. If a cavity does form, your child will need a cavity filling in order to remove the decay and protect the tooth from further damage. Our office offers tooth-colored cavity fillings that are virtually unnoticeable.

Ensure Your Child Properly Brushes Their Teeth at Least Twice a Day

Candy is loaded with sugar and is plentiful during the holidays. If your child does indulge in candy, our Houston pediatric dentist urges them to do so in moderation, and to make sure they brush their teeth at least twice a day–once in the morning and once before bedtime. Fluoridated toothpaste is also a great way to strengthen their enamel, which provides extra protection against cavities. 

Help Your Child Floss Before Bedtime

Candy can easily get lodged in between teeth, especially for kids with braces or alignment issues. Therefore, flossing is an important part of your child’s dental hygiene. Make it an established part of the routine so younger kids associate it with brushing. Floss picks are also easier for children to use and are often recommended by our Houston pediatric dentist for that reason. 

Our Houston Kids Dentist Offers Tooth-Colored Fillings For Children With Cavities

If your child is experiencing a toothache, then please book an appointment with our Houston pediatric dentist so we can check for cavities. Even good preventative measures sometimes can’t stop a cavity from forming, especially after a sugar-fueled night of trick-or-treating. In the event that your child has a cavity (or multiple), we will utilize state-of-the-art composite, tooth-colored cavity fillings to make your child’s teeth healthy again.