Houston Pediatric Sedation Dentistry - Frequently Asked Questions

Houston Pediatric Sedation Dentistry - Frequently Asked Questions

In order to help our younger patients feel more comfortable at their visits, our Houston pediatric dentists offer sedation. Dental sedation may cause concern from parents, which is why we gathered some of our most frequently asked questions and provided answers for them. 

Who Can Benefit From Pediatric Sedation?

Quite often, kids can be afraid of the dentist upon sitting down and seeing all the tools that, admittedly, look a bit intimidating. This can easily cause anxiety and even a lack of cooperation, which is why we offer gentle sedation. This way the child is no longer scared and we can complete their treatment. Sedation is also very helpful for kids with special needs, as this may also make it hard for them to cooperate. 

Is Sedation Safe?

There are certain risks associated with just about any medical and dental procedure, but you may rest assured that the safety of your child is our absolute, top priority. First, we will assess your child to determine which form of sedation is best for their needs and then, once they are sedated, we use special equipment to closely monitor them throughout the entire duration of their treatment. 

What Sedation Method Does Victory Smiles in Houston Offer?

There are multiple sedation methods that dentists use, each with different purposes, which is why we don’t offer just one option. By offering a few options, we can use what is most effective for each individual patient.

Local Anesthetic Sedation

Local anesthesia is the simplest, most basic method of sedation. With this type of sedation, we inject a dental-grade numbing medication around the area we will treat. This temporarily blocks the nerve endings from reacting to pain. After treatment is completed, the patient may feel a slight numbness, but this will fade shortly after.

Laughing Gas

Laughing gas is a level above local anesthetic. We primarily use it to ease both mental and emotional stress that kids may experience at the dentist. We often recommend this method to our patients who are cooperative and can sit still. 

General Anesthesia

A general anesthetic is the highest-level sedation we offer. Sometimes, it is a necessity for our pediatric patients who have special needs and/or are unable to cooperate. This is why infants, children who need extensive treatment, kids with a dental phobia, and extremely anxious children greatly benefit from a general anesthetic.

Victory Smiles in Houston Offers Safe Pediatric Sedation

If your child is in need of dental treatment, and you are worried they may not cooperate, then please book an appointment with us so that, when they come in for treatment, we can determine if sedation is necessary. This way we can seamlessly complete their treatment and ensure their teeth are healthy.