Older man smiling and being taught how to best take care of his dental implant

How To Best Care For Your Houston Dental Implant

Once the process of getting a dental implant at our Houston cosmetic dentist office is finalized, patients need to take proper care of them. In this article, we will break down how to best take care of your dental implant.

When Our Houston Cosmetic Dentist Recommends Dental Implants

If you’re a patient with a missing tooth, we will typically treat you with cosmetic dental implants. In addition to providing cosmetic benefits to your smile, dental implants are also restorative due to the fact that they help prevent bone loss and facial collapse. Our high-quality dental implants also enable patients to chew and speak in a way that feels almost as natural as prior to losing any teeth.

How To Take Care Of Your Houston Dental Implant

The following are essential habits you need to keep in order to care for and maintain your dental implant so it lasts for years to come.

Brush Your Teeth With a Soft-Bristled Toothbrush

It’s no secret that you should brush your teeth twice a day in order to promote good dental health. When you have a dental implant, we recommend switching to a soft-bristled toothbrush (if you don’t already use one) because these are gentle on the gums and the crown while effectively removing food particles and plaque. You can use either a manual toothbrush or an electric toothbrush, but be sure to ask our Houston cosmetic dentists to find out what they think will work best for you.

Use A Non-Abrasive Toothpaste

In addition to a soft toothbrush, it’s a great idea to use a gentle toothpaste that will preserve the integrity of the implant. Be sure the toothpaste you use does not include harsh ingredients like baking soda or hydrogen peroxide, which are both common in whitening toothpaste.

Floss With Implant Friendly Dental Floss

Whether you have a dental implant or not, flossing nightly is essential to good gum health, but this is especially critical if you wear dental implants because your gums need to be in optimal condition in order to keep the implant in place. Make sure you use unwaxed floss, dental implant floss, or dental crown floss. These all succeed at getting into hard-to-reach spots and removing the plaque underneath the porcelain crown. By keeping your gums clean and healthy, you won’t risk an infection.

Regular Dental Cleanings

We recommend you visit our Houston cosmetic dentist at least twice a year, though some patients require more frequent visits. Regular cleanings allow us to check up on your dental health as a whole, as well as how the dental implant is holding up over the years.

Our Houston Cosmetic Dentist Is Here To Ensure You Always Wear A Winning Smile

If you have had dental implant surgery or plan to get dental implants soon, please book an appointment with us so we can evaluate the health of your teeth. We will gladly address any concerns and offer guidance on keeping your teeth healthy.