Illustration of crowded lower teeth

How to Fix Your Teen’s Crowded Teeth

Once your child’s baby teeth have fallen out and the majority of adult teeth have erupted, you might have noticed that some of those teeth are growing in quite close to one another. So close, in fact, that there isn’t enough space for them all and the teeth appear crooked and crowded. Crowded teeth aren't just unsighlty; they can also cause problems like jaw pain, trouble biting and chewing, and the formation of cavities. Fortunately, this is a relatively common issue and one that our Houston pediatric dentist knows how to fix. 

Causes of Teeth Crowding, According to Our Houston Kids Dentist

Dental crowding occurs when there isn’t enough space in your teen’s mouth to accommodate the teeth as they come in, causing them to twist into a position that forces them to misalign. This can be the result of the size of your child’s jaw, the size of their teeth, or the presence of extra adult teeth. Sometimes our Houston dentist can correct your teen’s dental crowding easily, while other, more severe cases require a treatment plan of multiple different procedures to address the crowding issue before properly aligning your child’s teeth. 

How Our Houston Kids Dentist Correct Dental Crowding

There are a few different ways our Houston pediatric dentist can fix your teen’s crowded teeth. The most common treatments are listed below and may include one or a combination of the following procedures, depending on the presentation and severity of your child’s dental crowding:

Houston Dental Braces

Houston metal braces are made up of a combination of metal brackets and wires. Our Houston cosmetic dentist affixes the brackets to each tooth’s surface and then connects them with a metal wire. In order to shift teeth into the proper position, our Houston pediatric dentist will tighten that wire periodically, applying specified pressure to the teeth and jaw. This is usually the most common way our Houston pediatric dentist corrects dental crowding, as dental braces are extremely effective in correcting all forms of malocclusion, or misalignment.

Houston Invisalign

Our Houston family dentist may recommend Houston Invisalign, which is a series of clear, plastic aligners that gradually shift your teeth into the correct position. They are a great option for older children and teens, as well as those less severe alignment issues. While this treatment option tends to be more expensive, it is becoming one of the most popular since the aligners are practically invisible. 

Houston Tooth Extraction

In some cases, especially those in which extra adult teeth are present, our Houston pediatric dentist may need to extract, or pull, one or more of your child’s teeth to make room for the remaining teeth without dental crowding. In these cases, our Houston cosmetic dentist will likely require one of the above Houston braces options after tooth extraction in order to shift the remaining teeth into alignment and fill the space left by the extracted tooth or teeth 

Trust Our Houston Pediatric Dentist to Fix Your Teen’s Crowded Teeth

Victory Smiles offers a wide array of dental treatments that can correct your child’s dental crowding issues. If you believe your teen may benefit from one of these treatments, make an appointment to see our Houston kids dentist. The sooner you address this need, the sooner we can begin treatment and give your teen a winning, confident smile!