Houston cosmetic dentist fitting metal braces on a pediatric patient

Metal Braces and Invisalign at Our Houston Dentist Offices

Houston cosmetic dentists see braces as a way to help your bite and also your smile. As a consumer, you have to figure out what set of braces is right for you. The two most used forms of braces are metal dental braces and the Invisalign system. In Houston, dental braces are everywhere but skilled thoughtful Dentists are not. At Victory Smiles, we can exceed any expectation through careful treatment planning which explains the cost and time frame for your improved bite and enhanced smile. Invisalign is a removable system that our Houston Cosmetic Dentist can easily consult with you on.

Metal dental braces are the other option. The old thought was metal dental braces were too noticeable. Our dentists can help you accessorize your metal bracket braces now with colorful rubber bands that have turned metal bracket braces into a status symbol for kids. Whichever is right for you, let our thoughtful staff help you in this important process.

Houston Invisalign Puts the Fun in Functional

Invisalign braces systems are clear and beneficial for a professional person, especially if they'd like to go unnoticed in meetings and other professional interactions. Dental braces can affect how we see ourselves, and how we project to others. Sometimes, the answer is right in front of you even if you can't see it. Kind of like your Invisalign braces. Invisalign is superior both aesthetically and in how they accomplish the job. The Invisalign braces system is adaptive and convenient. Although appealing for adults, Invisalign is great for kids as well. Our confidence is related to success, and if your child is self-conscious (as we all are), Invisalign might help them in this process. The process of adjusting is also very convenient and is just a pick-up away. Whatever your choice in Houston dental braces, Invisalign or metal, the benefits of a better bite alignment and straighter smile last a lifetime.

Houston Metal Braces: A Classic That is Experiencing Current Popularity

Metal dental braces have been around forever because they work well and have successfully withstood the test of time. This is a detail a parent or client can bank on since metal dental braces have effectively done their job for so long. That being said, at Victory Smiles, we all know kids love fashionable accessorizing. Our Houston cosmetic dentists can change rubber band colors to help make the process good for patients and in turn good for parents. Adjusting wires is a quick appointment that allows for some new colors as well. By making the process of wearing metal dental braces more approachable and fun, everybody wins. Metal braces have always been functional, but with this fashion-forward option, they also get points for beauty now.

Let Us Help With a Consultation About Metal Dental Braces or Invisalign at Victory Smiles Today!

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