Teenage girl showing off her white smile after houston cosmetic dentist teeth whitening

Our Houston Cosmetic Dentist Office Offers Teeth Whitening For Teens

Teenagers these days are highly active on social media, and every day it seems there’s a new influencer or a new celebrity rising to fame. A lot of these people in positions of influence on social media have bright white, beautiful teeth, so it’s pretty common for teenagers to see them and also want a whiter smile. The good news is, this is a safe procedure that our Houston cosmetic dentist often completes in a single visit, and whiter teeth serve as a great confidence boost for your teen. Here is how it works so you and your teen know what to expect.

Visiting a Houston Cosmetic Dentist for Teeth Whitening is the Way to Go

We’ve written numerous articles about the repercussions of buying over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments as opposed to visiting a cosmetic dentist, so the fact that you are inquiring about in-office whitening is a great first step! 

Your Teenager’s Teeth Need to be Evaluated

Once you’ve decided to visit our cosmetic dentist, we often like to evaluate the teeth beforehand. Your child can get their teeth whitened starting at age 13, but we recommend waiting until all the adult teeth have emerged and after dental braces treatment for seamless results. We also evaluate the teeth so we can determine whether your teenager suffers from gum and/or tooth sensitivity. This will give both the patient and our dentist a better idea of how white their teeth should be. 

For patients that already suffer from excess sensitivity, we may recommend against choosing the whitest shade of white and, instead, opt for only a few shades whiter than the natural color of their teeth. On the bright side, our teeth whitening solution will still give your teen some nice pearly whites they can show off.

Houston Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Procedure

The procedure itself is often completed within one visit, so here are the few steps you should expect:

  1. Polish the teeth to remove plaque
  2. Place retractors in the mouth to isolate the teeth
  3. Add a barrier to further protect the gumline
  4. Coat the teeth with our bleaching agent
  5. Activate the bleaching agent
  6. Leave on the teeth as long as required to get the desired shade of white
  7. Rinse the teeth

Ready to Wear a Brighter, More Confident Smile?

Now that you and your teen know what to expect and your child is eager to get their teeth whitened, it’s time to book an appointment. This appointment is where we will evaluate your child’s teeth and then we’ll move forward with the in-office Houston teeth whitening procedure. We look forward to giving your child a smile they’re proud to show off.