Partial Dentures at Victory Smiles in Houston

Partial Dentures at Victory Smiles in Houston

You may have seen or heard of dentures, especially complete sets of dentures, which may be used for both dental arches or just one of them. You may even have a relative that wears complete dentures on a daily basis. We typically recommend complete dentures to our patients who have lost most, or all, of their permanent teeth and need replacement in order to chew and speak properly. But did you know we also offer partial dentures as a cosmetic procedure at our Houston dentist office? Partial dentures are ideal for more minor cases.

What Are Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are just like complete dentures, except rather than replacing most of a patient’s teeth, they are best suited to patients who are missing only a few of their teeth, especially if the missing teeth are all right next to each other. In addition to replacing lost teeth and helping the patient feel happier with their overall appearance, partial dentures are also used as a preventative measure to ensure that the healthy neighboring teeth don’t weaken or shift, thus discouraging further tooth loss.

How Do Partial Dentures Work?

Partial dentures are often made with an acrylic base that is colored similarly to the gums, but sometimes a metal base is used as well because of its durability. Replacement porcelain teeth are then built on top of the base to mimic the natural color of the teeth. Although they may not feel like your natural teeth, and some patients report mild discomfort when they first insert their dentures and adjust to them, the partial dentures that are made today are far better designed than they were many years ago. Today, partial dentures are both comfortable and effective and take little time to get used to.

Get Partial Dentures at Victory Smiles in Houston

If you are missing some teeth and would like to restore your smile, eat comfortably, and speak comfortably, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can book an appointment with you. At this appointment, we will examine your teeth and learn more about your needs so that we can decide whether partial dentures are the right cosmetic procedure for you.