Teeth Whitening for Adults at Our Houston Cosmetic Dentist Office

Teeth Whitening for Adults at Our Houston Cosmetic Dentist Office

White teeth is something many people strive for. Having white teeth makes you look younger, which is likely also due to the fact that white teeth are often associated with being healthy. 

What Causes Teeth to Turn Yellow?

Coffee and tea, as well as wine or tomato-based foods, are the most common causes of yellowing. This can be attributed to their acidity levels and how they can slightly weaken our enamel, often discoloring it. Additionally, they all have an ingredient in common: they each contain what are called tannins, which are a type of polyphenol. Polyphenols naturally occur in plants and serve as antioxidants, which are good for your overall health. Unfortunately, though, they are easy culprits for yellowing teeth.

Your Teeth Don’t Have to Stay Yellow

Although there are whitening products you can buy at the pharmacy that may seem like great purchases, those kits may not be what's best for our patients. Instead, we recommend going to a cosmetic dentist such as ours at Victory Smiles. We have access to specially designed, professional cosmetic bleaches that can break up the yellow stains on your teeth and, as a result, help you achieve that pearly white smile so many patients strive to have.

Why We Are Against Using Store-Bought Teeth Whitening Kits

When it comes to at-home whitening, it's quite a tedious process. If done incorrectly, or if poorly timed, it can lead to sensitivity and pain. Store-bought treatments also end up being a waste of money because if used incorrectly, trying again could only worsen sensitivity. Even if you did use the kit correctly, the results are short-lived, so this method of teeth whitening will cost more in the long run. Unlike store-bought kits, which require multiple applications to achieve a certain degree of whiteness, a trained cosmetic dentist can help you achieve your desired results often within a single visit. 

Visit Our Houston Cosmetic Dentist Instead

Our professional-grade teeth whitening equipment is far superior and safer when compared to DIY kits. The good thing about trusting our Houston cosmetic dentist for teeth whitening is that we will tailor your treatments to your needs far more than an over-the-counter kit ever will. For example, we will only whiten your teeth as much as you need to achieve your desired results, and we will also factor in any sensitivity or previous dental work so that you don’t feel discomfort. With our years of experience and our highly regarded equipment, teeth whitening can usually be achieved in one short visit and you will see results instantly. 

Victory Smiles Offers Teeth Whitening Services

If you would like a whiter smile without risking long-term discomfort and sensitivity, then please book an appointment with our Houston cosmetic dentist so that we can ensure you have brighter teeth and no adverse effects.