teen showing off white smile after undergoing in office teeth whitening at houston cosmetic dentist office

Teeth Whitening For Teens At Our Houston Cosmetic Dentist

Today, more and more companies seem to pop up on social media that advertise their new teeth whitening products. However, if you read our post about store-bought teeth whitening kits, then you’ll know we recommend that you stay away from them. Now, that isn’t to say that you should avoid teeth whitening altogether, especially if your teen has come to their semiannual cleaning with us and asked if they could whiten their teeth. You and your teen will be glad to know that yes, it is possible for teenagers to undergo teeth whitening treatments at our Houston cosmetic dentist office, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

When Can Teenagers Start Whitening Their Teeth?

Although it is more common to see adults who have undergone in-office teeth whitening, it is actually perfectly safe for teenagers to get their teeth whitened as young as 13 years old, so long as all of the permanent, larger adult teeth have emerged and settled. We recommend waiting until this point because, by then, the nerve endings are also larger, which helps reduce sensitivity.

Further, if your teen is a metal dental braces or Invisalign patient, it is important to wait until after their treatment has concluded so as to ensure their teeth are evenly whitened. 

How Teeth Whitening For Teenagers Works At Our Houston Cosmetic Dentist Office

If your teen wishes to undergo teeth whitening soon, you can expect treatment to only last one session in most cases.

First, we will assess any sensitivities your teen suffers from and/or any prior dental work they have had. Then, we will discuss how much whiter they want their teeth to be. Although for most patients the goal is to get the whitest teeth possible, we may or may not recommend this. Some patients will do just fine with the whitest teeth, but others may prefer to go a few shades less so as not to cause any long-term sensitivity. Rest assured that when you get teeth whitening treatments done by our Houston cosmetic dentist, treatment will be fully customized with their comfort and health prioritized!

Teeth Whitening for Teenagers At Our Victory Smiles Cosmetic Dentist Office 

If your teen has asked a number of times to get their teeth whitened, then you will be glad to know that it’s perfectly safe for them and we love seeing the difference in their level of confidence! Because a few factors have to be taken into consideration when customizing their whitening treatment, we ask that you please book an appointment with our Houston cosmetic dentist first. This way, we will ensure that your teen gains a winning smile safely and effectively!