young lady getting her dental checkup with our Houston dentist

The Importance Of Getting Regular Teeth Cleanings At Our Houston Dentist

We recommend that parents and their children come to our Houston dentist for dental cleanings twice a year–once every six months. Unfortunately, not everyone actually goes to the dentist that often and, instead, many prefer to come in only when they are experiencing pain or discomfort. Here is why we encourage you to see us twice a year.

We Need to Monitor The Health Of Your Teeth and Your Children’s Teeth

As a top Houston dentist, we offer a multitude of services, including cosmetic dentistry and pediatric dentistry procedures. Semiannual teeth cleanings are especially good for children because they may be more prone to cavities, either because of their diet, an inadequate dental health routine, and/or their genetics. We find that especially young children may get cavities more often because they may struggle to maintain a proper oral hygiene routine, meaning they don’t brush their teeth and floss correctly every night.

Although this may be more common in kids, our adult patients are not exempt. They, too, can struggle to keep up a proper routine. 

Dental Check-Ups Serve As Preventative Care

When our Houston dentist’s team performs a teeth cleaning, we also take the time to check on your oral health as a whole. We do this by examining the bite, but we also take an even closer look at some subtle signs of health issues. Illnesses such as diabetes, gum disease, some cancers, and even cardiovascular disease may actually exhibit their earliest signs in the teeth. By having our Houston dentist take a thorough look at your mouth, we can spot early signs of illness so you can treat or cure the illness early on. 

Our Houston Dentist Can Help You And Your Kids Achieve Outstanding Oral Health With Regular Teeth Cleanings

If it has been some time since your last dental check-up, please book an appointment with our Houston dentist. With a passion for health and the drive to create a positive experience, we can assure you that your family will be well taken care of by our team. We look forward to helping you and the rest of your family take care of your dental health, affordably.