Young girl at her Houston pediatric dentist appointment to check on her dental braces progress

The Younger You Get Houston Dental Braces, The Better

At our Houston cosmetic dental offices, we treat both adults and children with dental braces in order to correct the alignment of their teeth. We offer both Invisalign and metal dental braces, each of which is an effective method to treat a malocclusion, which is defined as a bad bite. However, the younger you begin with dental braces treatment, the better. If you’re debating on waiting to have your child undergo dental braces treatment, then keep reading.

Getting Dental Braces As An Adult Is Okay, But Our Houston Cosmetic And Pediatric Dentists Recommend Early Treatment

Getting braces as an adult is totally acceptable and we have successfully straightened out countless adults’ smiles. However, it is important to note that adult dental braces treatment tends to take longer than pediatric dental braces treatment.

Why Is Dental Braces Treatment Faster In Children Than In Adults?

Adults typically have to wear their dental braces longer than children do. This is because children’s jaws are still growing and developing, so their teeth are as well. The fact that their teeth are still changing and moving makes them very moldable with the help of Invisalign or metal dental braces. If your child doesn’t get dental braces until they’re an adult, though, by this time their jaw has already settled into its placement, making it a much longer process to move their teeth.

Start With An Early Dental Braces Evaluation With Our Houston Cosmetic Dentist

If you’ve been a long-time patient of our Houston cosmetic dentist and/or Houston kids dentist, then we have likely been able to see how your child’s teeth develop. However, before any dental braces treatment begins, your child must first be evaluated. Our Houston dentist recommends that your child should undergo a dental braces evaluation as young as 7 years old. This evaluation will give us insight into when they might be ready for dental braces and which dental braces may work best for their unique needs. 

If you think it might be time to start discussing dental braces for your child, then please book an appointment with our Houston dentist. To give you an idea of how dental braces work, please feel free to read this article. We look forward to giving your child a winning smile!