child smiling at houston kids dentist after getting a filling

Treating Cavities With Composite Fillings At Our Houston Kids Dentist Office

It’s easy for young kids to get cavities if they consume a lot of sugar. They are especially vulnerable to cavities if they struggle to maintain a consistent dental health routine that consists of correctly flossing every night and correctly brushing their teeth twice a day. At Victory Smiles, a top pediatric dentist in Houston, Texas, one of our most common procedures is that of composite cavity fillings, which are a viable alternative to traditional fillings.

What are Traditional Fillings for Kids?

Traditional fillings are made of a substance known as amalgam and they are usually silver in color. Amalgam fillings have been around for over 100 years because they are inexpensive and effective, which is why they were the number one choice for many years. On the downside, they are very obvious when the patient is laughing or talking, which may lead our patients to feel insecure in their smile years later. However, dental technology and procedures are ever-evolving, meaning better alternatives are available, such as the tooth-colored composite fillings we use today.

What Are Composite Fillings?

This type of filling is made from a blend (which we call a ‘composite’) of plastic resins and silica, which naturally produce a color that is similar to human teeth.

One of the reasons our Houston pediatric dentist defaults to composite fillings is because they match the color of your child’s teeth, making them unnoticeable. We also prefer composite fillings because they allow us to keep more of the natural tooth. With amalgam fillings, we have to remove the decayed portion as well as some perfectly healthy portions of the tooth to make room for the amalgam to settle properly. With composite fillings, though, it isn’t necessary to remove any additional parts of the tooth. Composite also lasts longer than amalgam and even strengthens the affected tooth.

Long-Lasting Cavity Fillings by Our Kids Dentists at Victory Smiles in Houston

It's important for children to come in for their semiannual teeth cleanings and also receive x-rays so we can spot cavities early on. Earlier detection means we can save the affected tooth and neither you nor your child will have to worry about the cavity worsening to the point where a root canal is required. Please book an appointment with us if your child is experiencing a toothache so we can conduct a dental exam to confirm they have a cavity and then fix it with our tooth-colored fillings.