woman smiling with her new dental bridge in place

Understanding the Basics of Houston Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are one of the many treatments our Houston cosmetic dentist offers that successfully give patients their smiles back. Want to know if dental bridges are right for you? Keep reading! We’ll discuss all the basics you need to know about getting a cosmetic dental bridge and if it’s right for you.

What Are Cosmetic Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a fixed restoration that “bridges the gap” between your healthy teeth after losing one or more. The most basic bridges are made up of one prosthetic tooth known as a “pontic”, which has dental crowns on either side. These dental crowns will be placed over the teeth on either side of the gap and help hold the prosthetic tooth in place.

Who Might Need A Cosmetic Dental Bridge?

First and foremost, a dental bridge by our Houston cosmetic dentist is suited to patients who are missing one or more teeth. If they aren’t missing a tooth but are experiencing extensive decay we may recommend extraction prior to getting the dental bridge. It’s important to note, though, that we will have to wait a few months before you get a dental bridge. This is because your gums need to shrink while they adjust to the new gap between your teeth before a dental bridge is placed in order to avoid a poor fit. Instead, our Houston cosmetic dentist will give you a temporary bridge. Once you come back and your dentist determines that your gums can snuggly hold a permanent bridge, we will move forward with getting it made and placing it.

Benefits Of Getting A Houston Dental Bridge

Aside from filling the gap in your teeth, getting a dental bridge also helps ensure the following:

  • You can still eat and speak comfortably by avoiding a bad bite
  • You prevent your other teeth from shifting
  • You can maintain the shape of your face. When teeth are lost and not replaced, this will often result in what is known as facial collapse. Facial collapse occurs when your other teeth start moving toward the gap and your face begins to sag and droop. Over time, this will become noticeable and make you look older than you are.

Our Cosmetic Dentist at Victory Smiles in Houston Will Install Dental Bridges

If you’re missing any teeth and wonder if a dental bridge is right for you, please book an appointment with our Houston cosmetic dentist. Our caring and highly-skilled team will complete an evaluation and determine if a dental bridge can give you back your winning smile!