Victory Smiles Offers Teeth Whitening For Teenagers

Victory Smiles Offers Teeth Whitening For Teenagers

Many teenaged patients come into our office for their regular dental cleanings and ask us about teeth whitening treatments, and it's good that they ask us for advice first. Although there are whitening products you can buy over the counter, those kits are not what's best for our patients. Truly effective whitening is completely dependent on custom whitening treatments–not the one-size-fits-all solutions you find at the drugstore. This is why we recommend entrusting our cosmetic dentists with your teeth whitening needs.

When Can Teenagers Start Whitening Their Teeth?

We insist that no one under the age of 13 should complete whitening, and even then it's a good idea to wait a little bit longer when all adult teeth, also known as permanent teeth, have fully emerged and settled. This is because once the permanent teeth are fully developed, their corresponding nerves also grow, which helps reduce sensitivity during and after whitening treatments. 

Why Our Dentists Warn Against Store-Bought Whitening Treatment

When it comes to store-bought whitening products, trays and strips will have a hard time fitting properly, which can lead to excessive sensitivity and pain. They can aggravate already sensitive teeth and gums and even damage some completed treatments, such as fillings.

Over-the-counter treatments can end up being a waste of money because trying again if you weren't happy with your results the first time around could only worsen your discomfort. Additionally, the results only last a few weeks, which means you will have to keep burning money to maintain the whiteness of your teeth. A trained cosmetic dentist, on the other hand, can help you achieve your desired results much more quickly, usually within one visit.

Visit a Victory Smiles Cosmetic Dentist Instead

The good thing about trusting our Houston cosmetic dentists to complete teeth whitening for teens is that we will tailor our treatments to the patient's exact needs based on an evaluation of their teeth. This means we will take into account any previous dental work as well as sensitivity, if there is any. Our dentists will make sure to complete the treatment without putting your child's teeth at risk. As a plus, you and your teenager will see results that are both instant and long-lasting.

If you find that your teenager would like a whiter smile without risking long-term discomfort and sensitivity, please book an appointment with our Houston cosmetic dentist so that we can ensure they have brighter teeth and no adverse effects.