Young woman putting on her Invisalign Clear Aligners After Houston Cosmetic Dentist Visit

Who Benefits the Most From Invisalign? Here's What Our Houston Cosmetic Dentist Recommends

In the 2000’s and 2010’s, many celebrities would use Invisalign Clear Aligners and became brand ambassadors because they were so happy with their results. Today, it’s pretty clear how great Invisalign is, but this method is most effective in certain cases. Who, then, gets the greatest benefit from undergoing Invisalign treatment? This is what our Houston cosmetic dentist recommends.

Wearing Invisalign

Invisalign Clear Aligners are made of a transparent, thin, and flexible plastic that is molded to your teeth in such a way that gradually and ever-so-gently pushes your teeth into the correct alignment, making them straighter and better for your overall dental health. Clear Aligners are also removable, which is one of their primary benefits.

Invisalign Works Best For Certain Houston Cosmetic Dentist Patients

Our Houston cosmetic dentist’s patients with mild malocclusions (bad bites) gain the most benefit from wearing Invisalign, whereas metal dental braces work extremely well on virtually every type of case, regardless of how mild or severe. Maybe you’ve had metal braces before, but you didn’t wear your retainers as directed, so your teeth shifted. In this case, Invisalign may quickly straighten your teeth again. This isn’t the only case in which Invisalign is recommended, though. Invisalign works in many different cases, but it simply works fastest in milder cases. 

Discipline is a Factor Our Houston Cosmetic Dentist Takes Into Account When Determining if Invisalign is Right For You

It’s very easy for Invisalign to be your go-to choice to correct the alignment of your teeth, but there are some factors regarding discipline that may make Clear Aligners less than ideal to straighten your teeth.

Hours of Wear

Invisalign is removable, but that does not mean it’s okay to forgo wearing it for long periods of time. Our Houston cosmetic dentist recommends you wear Invisalign for 22-24 hours a day, which means you need to be mindful. Don’t lose, misplace, or forget to wear your alignment trays. If you follow our guidelines, then there may be an occasion in which you can skip them, such as a wedding or the high school prom if you’re one of our pediatric dentist patients.

Practicing Hygiene

Just like with ceramic braces or metal braces, you must make sure you brush your teeth after every meal/snack/beverage. This ensures no food particles remain in between your teeth, which causes two problems.

  • It’s easier to get cavities
  • Food gets in the way of your aligners, inhibiting their job

Our Houston Cosmetic Dentist Offers Effective Invisalign Treatment

If you wonder if Invisalign may be a good match for you, then please book an appointment with our Houston dentist. We’ll begin with an evaluation and discuss your needs so that we can develop the best custom dental treatment for you.