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Who Can Get Invisalign From a Houston Cosmetic Dentist?

Invisalign is a type of orthodontic treatment that uses a thin, clear material to align crooked teeth. During your regular visits to the dental clinic, your dentist will keep adjusting these aligners until you complete your dental plan. Sometimes, patients don’t want traditional braces, as the metal brackets and wires are too unsightly for them. Houston Invisalign is perfect for teens and adults who want a discreet solution to their teeth issues. You can get a straighter smile without others even noticing that you have Invisalign on. So what are the types of clients who usually get Invisalign?

Misaligned Teeth

A Houston cosmetic dentist would recommend Invisalign to people with crowded teeth or those with too much space in their teeth. Crooked teeth can cause confidence issues. Invisalign is a great cosmetic solution that will give you a winning smile. In addition, straight teeth are stronger, preventing premature tooth loss. Aside from overcrowding, too much space in the teeth also presents a problem. Food often gets stuck in huge gaps in the teeth, which causes gingivitis. Invisalign closes gaps so that bacteria will not easily thrive in your mouth.

Bite Issues

Correcting a person’s bite is more related to the rest of your body than you think. Sometimes, headaches are caused by bite issues. You could have neck and jaw pain without even realizing that your teeth are the culprit. Overbites can even lead to breathing issues because your tongue is not resting properly. On the other hand, underbites can make your upper teeth more prone to chipping and breaking. A Houston cosmetic dentist may recommend Invisalign that will not only correct your teeth, but also make you feel better in the rest of your body.

For General Oral Health

Invisalign is not only used for cosmetic purposes, but it is also beneficial for good oral health. Misaligned teeth can actually cause facial pain and speech impediments when left untreated. Patients with gaps in their teeth are more prone to tooth decay and gum disease. Problems with bite result in difficulty chewing and abnormal wear and tear. Houston Invisalign may address these oral health problems to improve your overall well-being. During your initial appointments, a Houston dentist will create a 3D image of your entire mouth and even jaw. Through this, they can assess whether some of the discomfort you’ve been feeling is caused by dental problems.

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