diagram of how Houston dental crown fits over damaged tooth

Who May Benefit from Dental Crowns by our Houston Dentist

Those facing dental problems like tooth decay and discomfort may be seeking answers for their dental health questions. If that’s the case, a visit to our Houston dentist can help you determine the cause of and solution to your dental woes. During your visit, our Houston cosmetic dentist will conduct a thorough examination of your teeth, checking for plaque buildup, cavities, and assessing the health of your gums. After this exam, certain treatments may be recommended, specifically dental crowns. But what are dental crowns? And why might you benefit from one? Keep reading to see why our Houston cosmetic dentist may suggest a dental crown as a part of your treatment.

Houston Dental Crowns Explained

A dental crown is a synthetic cap placed over a tooth that is too damaged or decayed for a traditional filling to suffice. This is often due to a cavity that went untreated or became too large too quickly, or perhaps due to the breakdown of an older filling that has become loose or even fallen out. Houston dental crowns can be composed of metal, resin, porcelain or ceramic and fit snugly over  the damaged tooth once our Houston dentist has reshaped the surface and prepared the tooth to accept the crown.

What To Expect When Our Houston Dentist Applies Your Dental Crown

Typically, applying a Houston dental crown requires two visits. On your first visit, the damaged tooth will be filed down to remove the decay. Then, an impression will be made of the trimmed tooth and sent to the lab, where it will be used to create the permanent crown. This may take a few weeks, so our Houston dentist will use an adhesive to apply a temporary crown over the tooth, protecting it while you wait for your permanent dental crown to arrive. Once it’s ready, you’ll come back for a second visit. The temporary crown will be removed and our Houston cosmetic dentist will verify your permanent crown fits properly before cementing it to your tooth.

Are Dental Crowns the Right Treatment for Me?

Dental crowns are designed to address significant damage to the tooth and, while they do offer cosmetic advantages, they are intended to correct issues like tooth decay and cavities. Our Houston cosmetic dentist may suggest a dental crown in order to cover the following issues:

  • Misshapen teeth
  • Discolored teeth
  • Severely decayed teeth
  • Teeth after a root canal procedure
  • Broken teeth

Victory Smiles Offers Dental Crowns in a Comfortable and State-of-the-Art Environment

Whether you need a dental crown or just a routine cleaning, our Houston family dentist wants you to rest easy knowing your comfort and health are our top priorities. The first step in ensuring your overall dental health and well-being is to schedule an appointment with our Houston dentist. We offer a modern approach to dental medicine that is sure to keep you and your family healthy and smiling!