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We ask that you wear a mask when coming in for your visit. We will ask you a some COVID-19 screening questions.

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Houston pediatric dentist's infant patient playing with toothbrush

Importance Of Infant Check-Ups With Our Houston Kids Dentist

We all know the importance of a twice-yearly dental check-up to maintain overall oral health and identify any issues in a timely manner, but did you know that our Houston pediatric dentist recommends your baby receive a dental check-up for infants, too? Establishing an early relationship with our Houston kids dentist is an important step in ensuring your baby develops a healthy smile and lifelong dental health.

When to Schedule A Dental Check-Up for Infants With Our Houston Pediatric Dentist

The American Dental Association suggests scheduling your child’s first dental check-up within 6 months of the arrival of your baby’s first tooth or by 12 months of age at the latest. Our Houston kids dentist wants to make sure there are no issues with your infant’s dental health, which can occur due to:

  • Tooth decay from bottle-feeding
  • Nursing practices
  • Teething
  • Pacifier use
  • Thumb- or finger-sucking habits

Even if our Houston Pediatric dentist sees no problems, we can discuss the best practices for you at home to promote lifelong oral health, such as when and how to begin brushing, mouth cleaning habits, appropriate food and drink choices as more teeth come in, and how to spot potential issues that may arise before your baby’s next dental check-up.

What to Expect at My Baby’s First Dental Check-Up With Our Houston Kids Dentist

Typically, your first dental check-up for infants will be a chance for your baby to feel comfortable with our Houston kids dentist. Depending on your child’s age our Houston pediatric dentist will also take the time to examine their teeth. In doing so, we’ll take an even closer look at the bite and look for any subtle signs of health issues. Certain illnesses such as diabetes, gum disease, some cancers, and even cardiovascular disease may actually show the earliest signs in the teeth, so spotting them early on is crucial.

Sometimes children, and even parents, can feel somewhat anxious in this new environment, so discuss your fears or concerns with us, as infants tend to read their parents’ emotions and we want to make sure everyone is calm and comfortable. We’ll ask for your child’s medical history, feeding habits, and your family’s lifestyle in order to have a strong understanding of your baby’s needs. Just like adults, we recommend you visit our Houston pediatric dentist every 6 months, so we’ll schedule your second dental check-up before you leave our office. 

Call Victory Smiles Today To Schedule A Dental Check-Up for Infants With Our Houston Pediatric Dentist

It’s important to schedule your baby’s first dental check-up by 12 months of age, so please book an appointment with our Houston kids dentist so we can make certain that your child’s teeth are as healthy as can be. We look forward to your visit and giving your child a winning smile!

adult man wearing metal dental braces by our Houston cosmetic dentist

Adults Can Get Braces By Our Houston Cosmetic Dentist, Too

Metal dental braces are an effective way of correcting malocclusion, which is a bad, misaligned bite resulting from overcrowding, irregular teeth spacing, and other abnormalities. While dental braces are most commonly associated with our Houston dentist’s pediatric patients, dental braces for adults are growing in popularity as an effective treatment for helping our adult patients achieve a straighter, more confident smile. 

Why Adults Might Need Metal Dental Braces From Our Houston Cosmetic Dentist

If you’re an adult considering dental braces, there’s a good chance you may have always needed to correct your malocclusion, but are just now able to consider this form of treatment. Sometimes, however, our adult patients had mild or barely-noticeable malocclusions that have worsened in recent years, or even suffered an injury or trauma that requires dental braces to correct. If left untreated, malocclusion isn’t just unsightly. A bad bite can cause migraines, gum disease, speech impediments, and improper digestion due to difficulties chewing food. Either way, this isn’t something you should put off any longer. An appointment with our Houston cosmetic dentist can help you better understand your options.

Do I Need Invisalign or Dental Braces for Adults From Our Houston Dentist?

Sometimes our Houston cosmetic dentist will recommend Invisalign treatment for adults with malocclusion, but some cases of misalignment are more severe and require traditional dental braces. There is, after all, more than one path to straighter teeth, but which treatment option is right for you depends on your individual needs. Here’s a look at each side-by-side.

  • Metal Dental Braces: Regular dental braces use brackets and wires to gradually move your teeth over time. They are far more comfortable and more lightweight than they were 20 years ago, making them a viable option for many adults trying to straighten their teeth. Since dental braces for adults work for virtually every case of misalignment, from mild to severe, they are still the most popular option for correcting malocclusion. 
  • Invisalign: Invisalign is a virtually invisible option for correcting a bad bite. It is appealing to many adults as a less invasive and more aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional dental braces. The Invisalign treatment features a series of removable aligners made of clear, flexible plastic that gradually shift your teeth into the proper position without wires. 

Call Our Houston Cosmetic Dentist To See What Treatment Option is Best For You!

At Victory Smiles, our Houston dentist has years of experience and success in helping adults achieve their best, healthiest smiles. If you want to know the best option for you—metal dental braces for adults or Invisalign—call us today to book an appointment. We can assess the level of your malocclusion and develop a treatment option that is sure to result in straighter teeth and more confidence! 

Teen smiling after teeth whitening at our Houston cosmetic dentist office

Can Teens Get Teeth Whitening At Our Houston Dentist Office

Many times, teenagers see the amazing results their parents receive from Houston teeth whitening and want the same for themselves. So it’s no surprise that our Houston dentist is often asked about teeth whitening for teenagers, especially to determine if it’s safe and effective. The good news is that teenagers can safely get their teeth whitened with lasting results if they follow a few simple guidelines. 

When Can Teenagers Begin Houston Teeth Whitening?

Teenagers as young as 13 can receive teeth whitening from our Houston cosmetic dentist, but it might be best to wait a little bit longer to ensure all the adult teeth have emerged and dental braces have been removed following successful realignment. Whitening baby teeth can be uncomfortable, as the nerves are smaller and, therefore, more sensitive. If you’re eager to know if your teen is ready, a consultation with our Houston dentist is the best first step.

What To Expect During The Process Of Teeth Whitening For Teenagers 

Because teenagers haven’t had their adult teeth long enough to build up more than surface-level stains in most cases, treatment with our Houston cosmetic dentist is likely to last only one session. We’ll begin by examining your teen’s mouth for sensitivity and past dental work, then selecting the level of whiteness they hope to achieve. While many patients initially desire the whitest possible option, it’s important to note that some teens may be better suited for a few shades less in order to avoid potential long-term sensitivity. Once your teen has a plan in place with our Houston dentist, the procedure looks as follows: 

  1. Polish the teeth to remove plaque
  2. Place retractors in the mouth to isolate the teeth
  3. Add a barrier to further protect the gumline
  4. Coat the teeth with our bleaching agent
  5. Activate the bleaching agent
  6. Leave on the teeth as long as required to get the desired shade of white
  7. Rinse the teeth

Is In-Office Houston Teeth Whitening Better Than At-Home Options?

There are many products on the market that claim to give you a whiter smile, but our Houston cosmetic dentist advises against whitening strips, trays, and gels. Not only do these over-the-counter products offer temporary results, but they use harsh chemicals that can be unsafe, leading to long-term sensitivity. Teeth whitening for teenagers is best when performed by our professional Houston dentist, who has the education and experience required to ensure safe and proper application. 

Our Houston Cosmetic Dentist Offers Teeth Whitening For Teenagers at Victory Smiles

If your teen is looking for a brighter, more radiant smile, call us today to book an appointment and take the first step in the Houston teeth whitening process. Our safe procedure offers long-lasting results from our skilled and experienced Houston dentist, which is sure to boost your family’s confidence.

Teen girl smiling with her Invisalign that she got from our Houston cosmetic dentist

FAQs About Invisalign At Our Houston Cosmetic Dentist

We all want a beautiful and confident smile, but not everyone is born with straight, perfectly aligned teeth. If you’re like the many teens and adults who visit our Houston cosmetic dentist looking for a way to improve their smiles without traditional braces, you might be wondering if Houston Invisalign is right for you. Here’s a list of the most common questions we receive from patients regarding Invisalign with our Houston dentist.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a virtually invisible option for correcting a bad bite, known as malocclusion, which occurs when your teeth are not properly aligned due to overcrowding, abnormal spacing, and other abnormalities. Designed as a less-invasive and more aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional dental braces, the Invisalign treatment features a series of removable aligners made of clear, flexible plastic that gradually shift your teeth into the proper position. 

Who Is The Right Candidate for Houston Invisalign?

Braces have long been the main treatment for teens and adults looking for straighter teeth, but the appearance of traditional metal braces led many to seek an alternative option. For a long time, Invisalign was once thought to be ineffective at correcting significant malocclusion, but that’s no longer the case. Our Houston cosmetic dentist recommends Invisalign for clients with a relatively wide range of misalignment issues, making it a good choice for many adults and teens looking for a straighter smile.  

What Can You Expect From The Invisalign Process With Our Houston Cosmetic Dentist?

The first step in the Houston Invisalign process is developing a treatment plan with our dentist, who will take impressions of your teeth and map out the course of your treatment with our advanced technology. Next, we send these materials to the lab, where your Invisalign Clear Aligner trays will be created. You will wear each set of aligners for 20 to 22 hours a day, changing to a new set of aligners every few weeks in order to gently and gradually shift your teeth into place. 

How Will Houston Invisalign Treatment Affect My Life?

  • Can anyone tell I’m wearing my aligners? Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible, which means no one has to know you’re wearing them at all!
  • Can I take them off whenever I need to? The aligners are designed to be removed for eating, drinking, brushing, and even for special occasions. Just keep them in 20-22 hours each day in order to see the best results from your Houston Invisalign treatment.
  • Do I have to change what I eat and drink? No! Since the aligners can be removed when you eat and drink, you don’t have to avoid any foods like you would with traditional metal braces.

When Is the Best Time To Call Our Houston Cosmetic Dentist to Ask About Invisalign?

If you want to know whether you’re a good candidate for Houston Invisalign, call us today to book an appointment. Our Houston cosmetic dentist will go over your treatment options, answer your questions, and get you on your way to a winning smile you can wear proudly! 

houston cosmetic dentist patient learning about how to care for his dental crowns

How To Care For Dental Crowns By Our Houston Cosmetic Dentist

A dental crown is a cap that is placed over a damaged tooth, typically made from porcelain, but sometimes composed of other material, like metal. Our Houston cosmetic dentist may recommend a crown if your tooth is too heavily decayed for a traditional filling to suffice. In these instances, you may be wondering about the best approach to dental crown care and dental crown maintenance, which are important to ensuring the continued health of your teeth.

What To Expect When Our Houston Dentist Applies Your Dental Crown

Typically, applying a Houston dental crown requires two visits. On your first visit, the damaged tooth will be filed down to remove the decay. Then, an impression will be made of the trimmed tooth and sent to the lab, where it will be used to create the permanent crown. This may take a few weeks, so our Houston dentist will use an adhesive to apply a temporary crown over the tooth, protecting it while you wait for your permanent dental crown to arrive. Once it’s ready, you’ll come back for a second visit. The temporary crown will be removed and our Houston cosmetic dentist will verify your permanent crown fits properly before cementing it to your tooth. 

How To Care For Your Houston Dental Crown

Brush and Floss Regularly

Just like your natural teeth, crowns require you to maintain regular flossing and brushing habits. In fact, because your crown sits on top of your natural tooth, sometimes food can get stuck under the surface of the crown, allowing bacteria to grow and decay the existing tooth underneath, leading to more problems.

Avoid Sticky Foods

While your Houston dental crown is firmly attached to your tooth using an effective adhesive, sticky or even overly-hard foods can cause the crown to shift or come loose. If you’re still wearing a temporary crown while waiting for your permanent one to be made, it’s best to avoid chewing sticky foods on the side of your mouth where the crown sits.

Use A Night Guard

Grinding or clenching puts an intense amount of pressure on your teeth, and dental crowns can crack or break under this pressure. If your Houston dentist has told you they see evidence of teeth grinding, especially at night, you may need to be fitted for a nightguard–a removable, custom-made plastic or acrylic piece that cushions and protects your teeth while you sleep.

Be Gentle With Your Temporary Dental Crown

Because a temporary dental crown is meant to be worn for a short time, the adhesive used to keep it in place is intended to make removal easier for our Houston dentist. Therefore, be careful while chewing and especially gentle when brushing, flossing, or performing any other aspects of temporary dental crown care.

Don’t skip appointments: Scheduling regular visits with our Houston cosmetic dentist is the most important step in dental crown maintenance. We can ensure your crown is still properly seated and identify the likelihood of future issues before they arise. 

When’s The Best Time To Call Our Houston Cosmetic Dentist To Schedule An Appointment For A Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are an important way to save and protect damaged natural teeth from further decay and are therefore an important facet of oral health. If you think you need a Houston dental crown or you’ve been told to get one, call our Houston cosmetic dentist to book an appointment today. Our initial consultation will help you better understand your options and offer important advice for dental crown care and dental crown maintenance, helping you preserve your beautiful, healthy smile.