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Braces / Invisalign

We may recommend braces or clear aligners (Invisalign) as a corrective measure for various reasons, but the most common are overcrowded and/or crooked teeth. If upper and lower jaws are not properly aligned, or if untimely tooth loss occurs, we may also decide to prescribe braces or removable aligners.

Aside from cosmetic purposes, we also want our patients to know that braces also contribute to our oral and general health. Left untreated, overcrowded and crooked teeth may eventually result in some of the following issues:

- Jaw pain and excessive wear and tear
- Tooth decay and eventual tooth loss
- Gum disease and other endodontic issues
- Speech impediments in children
- Problems with chewing and abnormal wear on tooth enamel

After a comprehensive evaluation, we will advise you of which treatment option is recommended for your personal situation. Braces and clear aligners are two of the most common orthodontic treatments. Braces are essentially tiny metal brackets cemented to the front of the teeth, connected by a thin wire. Your dentist will tighten and adjust the wire every few months to slowly guide your teeth and jaw into correct placement. For patients who prefer a more inconspicuous option, clear removable aligners like Invisalign may be a preferable option.

Braces are often recommended for kids who present alignment issues between the ages of 8-14. However, we also have many adult patients who require bite correction or who simply desire a more attractive smile; depending on the results of the examination, we may recommend either braces or Invisalign for our older patients.

If we determine that orthodontics are a necessity for you, our Houston dentists will help walk you through the pros and cons of both braces and clear aligners like Invisalign to decide which treatment option is most appropriate for you.

Dr. DinhQuang Nguyen, DDS

“For optimal results, our dentists normally recommend a braces treatment plan that lasts 1-3 years in most cases.  After the braces are removed, you will be asked to wear a retainer nightly to maintain alignment.

Braces of today are much thinner and lighter than they used to be.  Several options are so subtle that they're nearly invisible.

Schedule an appointment today to see whether braces may be right for you.”

Dr. DinhQuang Nguyen, DDS
The Woodlands Office

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