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Endodontics is the specialized branch of dentistry related to the maintenance and health of soft dental tissue (called “pulp”) surrounding the roots of the teeth. Utilizing the latest in advanced technology, our extensively trained and experienced endodontists perform a range of routine and complex procedures. While tooth replacement may be a necessity for some patients in certain situations, our endodontists’ goal is to save and preserve the health of your natural teeth. This may be accomplished using a variety of treatments such as endodontic surgery, root canals, and other related procedures.

Root canals are one of the most common endodontic treatments performed in our offices. When a patient comes to us with a severely diseased or damaged tooth, our doctors will conduct a thorough examination, then prescribe a recommended treatment plan. When deemed necessary, a root canal is then scheduled.

The endodontist begins the root canal procedure with an anesthetic, dosage adjusted for the patient’s personal medical profile and with maximum comfort in mind. Next, an opening in the tooth is created. The doctor removes the diseased pulp, then cleans, disinfects, and medicates the surrounding area in the root canal. Lastly, a bio-compatible material is used to fill in the root canal to replace the diseased tissue before the area is sealed. A crown or other permanent restoration is often placed on top of the tooth to keep it clean and free from contaminants.

At Victory Smiles, our highly qualified dentists have undergone extensive training in the field of endodontics. If you are experiencing severe tooth pain and suspect that a root canal may be required, call our Houston office today to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Khanh Truong, DDS

“After your root canal, it's common to experience some sensitivity and swelling in the affected area.  Usually, we'll recommend an OTC pain medication to help alleviate any soreness you may feel.  Be sure to continue practicing good dental hygiene - brush, floss, and use an antiseptic mouthwash.  

Root canals have a negative reputation for being painful, but many of our patients report that the procedure is no worse than a filling - it varies by individual.

Contact us today to make an appointment.  We'd love to further discuss how endodontics can help preserve your natural smile.”

Dr. Khanh Truong, DDS
Westheimer Office

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