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Partials / Dentures

Partials / Dentures

Dentures are commonly recommended as a solution for patients who require replacements for multiple missing teeth. A partial denture functions not only to replace the lost teeth, but also to keep neighboring teeth from shifting and weakening.

Partial dentures normally consist of porcelain replacement teeth built into an acrylic or metal base. Depending on your individual situation, several options for connectors may be utilized to attach partial dentures.

Some patients report mild discomfort or soreness when they first insert the dentures. An adjustment period is completely normal and to be expected, but your mouth and gums will acclimate over a couple of weeks. You may also notice that chewing and talking feel different in the beginning; this initial awkwardness will subside too. We recommend that our patients wear their new dentures as much as possible during the day to get used to them. Insertion and removal may feel strange at first, but you will become accustomed to the feeling in a short time.

However, if you notice that your dentures do not fit into your mouth easily, your dentist may be able to make adjustments for better fit. Please note that your dentures should never be forced into place; they could snap or lose their shape. Also, while some soreness is normal, please call us if you begin experiencing excessive pain. Your dentist may be able to make adjustments to your dentures to relieve this issue.

Denture Care Tips

Our patients report that their partial dentures have made eating a more pleasant experience. When you first begin wearing your dentures, it’s advisable to start with soft foods. Chewing with both sides of the mouth provides even pressure and allows your gum tissues to properly acclimate to the dentures. Please refrain from eating very hard or sticky foods.

 Please use a stiff brush and denture cleaner as recommended by your dentist. Between meals, always rinse off any loose food particles from your dentures and ensure that they remain moist to avoid losing their shape. Before inserting your partial dentures into your mouth, be sure to always rinse them to remove any cleanser residue.

Over time, fit adjustments may become necessary. To avoid discomfort/soreness and possible infection, make sure to visit your Houston dentist regularly for followups to check the fit and function of your dentures.

Dr. DinhQuang Nguyen, DDS

“For patients who have lost teeth but are unable to accept dental implants, dentures may be a good solution.

Partial dentures are similar to a bridge in that false teeth are attached to a base; the partial is attached to neighboring natural teeth.

Complete dentures are a complete arch - they may be recommended for our patients that have lost all of their natural teeth, and it is supported exclusively by tissue.

If you suffer from multiple missing teeth and think that dentures may be a good fit for you, call our office today to schedule an examination!”

Dr. DinhQuang Nguyen, DDS
The Woodlands Office

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