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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth Removal

We undergo many milestones in our oral development. Around the age of 17-21, third molars appear, colloquially known as “wisdom teeth” due to their delayed presentation. Wisdom teeth are useful for chewing; however, for many, the arrival of their wisdom teeth may cause discomfort, irritation, and even pain. When you find yourself experiencing any of these symptoms, call our Houston dentists at Victory Smiles to schedule an examination.

The removal of wisdom teeth is a very common procedure, as wisdom teeth may require removal for a number of reasons.  They may erupt in the wrong position, or they may not have enough space to come through without crowding your other teeth. These situations may allow food to become trapped more easily, leading to a greater risk for future tooth decay. 

Surrounding teeth may also suffer damage if wisdom teeth cannot erupt in their correct places. Alternatively, your dentist may use the term “impacted” - this means that your wisdom teeth are trapped beneath your gums or inside your jaw. Cysts may form on or near the impacted wisdom tooth, potentially damaging your bones or the roots of surrounding teeth.

Although tooth extractions such as wisdom teeth removal are fairly routine procedures in our offices, aftercare is extremely important to maintain oral health. In the event that wisdom teeth removal is recommended, we ensure that our patients are fully informed regarding the risks and educate them to take all necessary precautions to optimize healing and speedy recovery.

Dr. Richard Truong, DDS

“After a thorough examination, your dentist may decide that your wisdom teeth do not require immediate removal. In this instance, we strongly advise all of our patients to maintain excellent dental hygiene to avoid tooth decay, as food particles are more easily trapped in the very back of the mouth, especially when molars are crowded and there is little space between your teeth. 

The risk of developing dental issues in the future is high and requires a mindful regimen of dental care. To help avoid future dental issues, be sure to floss around the wisdom teeth at least once daily. You should also continue to see your dentist routinely.

Call our office today to learn more about wisdom teeth removal.”

Dr. Richard Truong, DDS
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