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How We Get You A
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Victory Smiles is dedicated to leveraging industry-leading dental technology to ensure the most effective dental services.

Intraoral Camera

We can show you exactly what we are seeing in your mouth with an intraoral camera. Using the camera, we can take close-up images of your mouth. From there, we can pull up the images on the monitor and walk you through our oral assessment. This ensures that patients and dentists are on the same page about dental health and recommended treatments.

Digital X-Rays

The teeth we can see are only the tip of the iceberg. A lot of the tooth structure is actually below the gums. That means that we must examine the part of the tooth below the gums to assess cavities, cancer, and other infections. Digital x-rays help us see the hidden part of the tooth while emitting much less radiation than film x-rays.

3D Cone Beam Imaging

Digital x-rays are good for basic assessment, but we use the cone beam scanner to plan more detailed procedures. For procedures like dental implants, we use the cone scanner to capture several images from various angles. Then, the advanced software combines the separate images into a single 3D view of the teeth and jaws. This helps us accurately plan dental procedures and ensure their success.


iTero is the best solution for simulating the impact of several dental treatments. We commonly use it for Invisalign, as it can give an accurate visualization of your future smile after treatment. The scanner and imaging system creates a complete view of your current smile and then a realistic visualization of your future smile after restorative dental treatments or orthodontic solutions.

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With the help of the dental technology solutions above, we’re able to offer more accurate, efficient, and comfortable dental care to patients in the Houston area. Victory Smiles is dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of technology to help our patients achieve winning smiles.

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