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Sedation Dentistry
Houston, TX

To ensure that everyone can enjoy comfortable, safe treatments, we offer sedation dentistry services in Houston.

Many people deal with a fear of the dentist.


Traumatic dental experiences, other medical fears, and more can all contribute to dental anxiety.


The worst part is that dental anxiety prevents many people from getting the oral healthcare they need. For some, the only solution seems to be avoiding treatment.


In the end, this only worsens oral health and leads to a worse dental condition that requires more extensive dental care.


Victory Smiles is here to help all patients get the care they need. We know how common and severe dental anxiety can be. To ensure that everyone can enjoy comfortable, safe treatments, we offer sedation dentistry services in Houston. Contact us now to learn more about sedation dentistry and our other dental services.

Sedation Dentistry Houston, TX

Sedation Options

Sedation dentistry includes multiple sedation options. We work with each patient to determine the right level of sedation for their dental treatment and needs. Here’s an overview of our sedation options:

One option we offer is oral conscious sedation. The patient ingests a dentist prescribed pill at home before the appointment. Someone else must then escort the patient to their dental visit. You’ll feel completely relaxed and pain-free but will still be conscious. Since the effects linger for a few hours, the escort will also bring the patient home.

Nitrous oxide can help patients with mild dental fears. The dentist places a nasal mask over the patient’s nose to emit the colorless, odorless gas mixture. It helps calm the patient and delivers a warm feeling. It does not fully sedate the patient, so they can still respond to the dentist’s cues. When the gas is turned off, the effects also end.
Those who have extreme dental anxiety, or are undergoing more extensive procedures, may be a fit for IV sedation. The IV is placed in the back of the hand, delivering medication to the bloodstream. It totally relaxes the patient, and the dental team monitors their vitals the entire way through. An escort must take the patient home, as the effects can last up to 24 hours.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry, also known as sleep dentistry, offers several benefits.

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Don’t let dental fear hold you back from getting the care you need! Whether you have strong dental anxiety or just have a more intense procedure coming up, sedation dentistry in Houston can benefit you. Our knowledgeable team at Victory Smiles will help you determine the best sedation option for your needs. We’re also happy to answer any questions you may have.

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