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When Can I Eat After My Dental Cleaning in Houston?

Finding time to squeeze in your regular dental cleanings can be a challenge for many families.  One of the best times to visit the dentist is often during a lunch break or a day off of work.  Of course, you want to get back to your daily life as soon as possible after your dental visit.


 That’s why many patients often wonder when they can eat after a teeth cleaning.


The answer may surprise you! Here’s what you need to know about eating after a dental cleaning in Houston.

When Can I Eat After My Dental Cleaning in Houston?

You Can Eat Immediately After Your Dental Cleaning

If you simply undergo a regular teeth cleaning, then you can eat immediately after! There’s no harm in eating after your teeth cleaning. You may want to bring a toothbrush along with you so you can quickly re-clean your teeth after consuming food. 

Wait 30 Minutes After Fluoride Application

Most often, at least one of your teeth cleanings per year will include fluoride application.  Fluoride helps to strengthen tooth enamel which prevents tooth decay and other dental concerns. 

If your dental cleaning includes fluoride application, then you must wait at least 30 minutes to eat. The treatment needs 30 minutes to settle into your teeth and work effectively, so if you eat before that it may disrupt the fluoride.

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Since you can eat right after most teeth cleanings, they really don’t disrupt your day much at all!  Even if you have fluoride, you only have to wait about 30 minutes before you can eat and drink whatever you’d like.


If you have any other questions about dental cleanings or what to expect, our committed team at Victory Smiles is happy to help.  We provide modern, efficient dental cleaning to help you care for your smile and prevent oral health problems.


Are you due for your next teeth cleaning?  Book your appointment with our dental team for preventative dental care in Houston!

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