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Our endodontists are here to help remove damaged pulp and restore your tooth.

Tooth pain is one of the most common reasons why people come to the dentist.


While there can be many causes behind tooth pain, one of them is an infected pulp.


The pulp of a tooth contains several canals, nerves, and blood vessels. It’s the innermost part of the tooth, which means that damage or infection in the pulp is very painful.


If you have damage or decay in the pulp, then a root canal may be the treatment for you. Victory Smiles has dentists who specialize in root canals, known as endodontists. Our endodontists are here to help remove damaged pulp and restore your tooth. If you think you need a root canal, schedule your appointment today.

Endodontist And Patient At The Dental Clinic

What’s an Endodontist?

While many general dentists offer root canal service, an endodontist is specialized in that procedure. They focus on dental issues that impact the tooth pulp and use industry-leading techniques to treat those issues. Their priority is to relieve tooth pain and save your natural tooth at any time it’s possible.

An endodontist is a specific type of dentist who has undergone additional training in their specialty. They must complete an additional two years of specific dental training. During this training, they learn more about diagnosing and treating tooth pain in the pulp and roots.

Common issues that an endodontist helps with include:

Endodontist Treatments

Endodontists are also called “root canal dentists” many times. This is because a root canal is one of their most common procedures. However, there are other dental procedures that they are trained to complete such as:
Replace the materials in a previously failed root canal.
Repair tooth injuries or treat extreme infections.
Surgically place the dental implant that will serve as the root for dental prosthetics (like a bridge).
Tooth removal is not the first option, but in some cases, the endodontist may elect to remove a tooth that’s beyond saving.
Other specialized surgeries. One example is an apicoectomy, which is the removal of the end of a tooth’s root.

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Endodontists are specially trained in addressing issues with the tooth pulp and root. Visiting one for your root canal and endodontic needs ensures you have access to a dentist with additional training and expertise. For an endodontist in Houston, Pasadena, The Woodlands, or Huntsville, choose Victory Smiles.


Our dedicated dental team, including our endodontist, is here to help with your oral healthcare needs. We use natural-looking materials for all fillings and welcome dental insurance.


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