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Cavities are a common dental problem, but did you know that gum disease is an even more common oral health issue?


Periodontal disease is a progressive oral health disease that gets worse over time. The best way to protect the future of your smile and overall health is to visit an expert for periodontal treatment in Houston.


While many general dentists offer gum disease treatment, working with a specialized periodontist ensures the best results.


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What is a Periodontist?

Periodontal disease is a chronic disease that impacts the gums and supporting bone. It involves chronic inflammation and can lead to tooth loss in the more advanced stages.

All dentists receive some training on gum disease, but a periodontist is a certified specialist. They complete additional education for gum disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. They have the knowledge and skills to handle extensive periodontal cases.

Periodontal Disease Treatment in Houston

After examining your mouth and oral history, the periodontist develops a treatment plan for you. They offer a range of surgical and nonsurgical solutions including:
A regular dental cleaning may not be enough for those with moderate gum disease. Instead, you may require a “deep cleaning,” which includes scaling and root planing.

For this treatment, the dentist removes all tartar around the gum line. This process is known as scaling. Then, he smooths and gently re-shapes the roots of the teeth (root planing). Root planing facilitates quicker gum healing, also reducing the risk of gum disease returning.
Those with more advanced gum disease may benefit from laser therapy. In the past, surgery was commonly used. With the advancement of dental technology, a better solution, laser therapy, rose. Using a laser, we can remove oral bacteria and infected tissue. The process is pain-free for patients.
In the later stages of gum disease, pockets form between the gums and teeth. Harmful bacteria often becomes trapped in pockets, leading to further issues. Worse yet, the pockets are very hard to clean using traditional dental cleaning methods. By applying antibiotics right to the area, we can remove the infection and reduce the pockets. Antibiotics may be topically applied or applied through a special mouthwash.

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Early treatment is essential for gum disease. The sooner you treat signs of periodontal disease, the easier it is to resolve and reverse. But even if you are dealing with an advanced stage of gum disease, it’s not too late to get the treatment you need.


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