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Tooth Extractions
Houston, TX

Safe, comfortable tooth removal in Houston with Victory Smiles.

Preserving your dental health is our priority at Victory Smiles. We do everything we can to prevent dental care problems and preserve your natural teeth. 


Occasionally, tooth extraction is necessary for long-term oral health. If a tooth is severely damaged or poses a threat to neighboring teeth, tooth removal may be recommended.


Rest assured that we only suggest tooth extraction when it is truly the best choice for your smile. If you do need a tooth extraction in Houston, TX, you can trust Victory Smiles to provide a comfortable procedure. Visit our dental clinic in Houston today to learn more about tooth extraction in Houston and if it’s right for you.

Tooth Extractions In Houston, TX

When is Tooth Removal in Houston Necessary?

Removing adult teeth is a significant decision that we don’t take lightly. But in some situations, tooth extraction is the best choice for your oral health.


Accidents or injuries to the face can cause severe dental trauma. This may lead to irreparable tooth damage. If dental restorations cannot salvage the tooth, extraction and replacement become the best course of action.


Overcrowding is another common concern. While we explore orthodontic options to address this issue, sometimes removing a tooth is necessary. Teeth that are too large for the mouth can cause crowding that cannot be resolved through orthodontics alone. Therefore, we may need to remove the tooth to prepare for successful orthodontics.  


Additionally, severely infected teeth may require extraction. When an infection reaches the pulp of a tooth, it can spread to other parts of the body. While we prefer to perform root canal treatments whenever possible, extreme infections may require extraction.

Tips for Tooth Removal Aftercare

The healing process after tooth extraction is generally less daunting than it may seem. Typically, it takes only a few days for the mouth to recover after the procedure. Here are some helpful tips for aftercare:

Visit Our Tooth Extraction Dentist in Houston, TX

At Victory Smiles in Houston, we are committed to preserving your natural teeth. We focus on preventative care, and we offer restorative solutions when needed. However, there are times when tooth extraction becomes necessary. If you require tooth removal, our experienced dental team is here for you.


Visit our dedicated team to determine if tooth removal is right for you. Schedule a consultation for tooth extraction in Houston today.