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Alleviate your tooth pain and preserve your tooth with our endodontist in Pasadena.

Tooth pain is a common and distressing issue that leads many to seek professional dental care. 

There are many different reasons for tooth pain, but one common problem is an infected or damaged tooth pulp.


Deep within the tooth lies the pulp. The pulp houses delicate nerves, blood vessels, and canals. When this crucial part becomes damaged or infected, you’ll experience pain and sensitivity.


Are you struggling with tooth pain? Then a root canal treatment might be the solution you need. At Victory Smiles, our team includes specialized dentists known as endodontists. Endodontists perform root canals with precision. Count on our endodontists in Pasadena to skillfully remove damaged pulp and restore your tooth to its former glory. If you suspect the need for a root canal, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with us today.

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The Expertise of Endodontists

Most general dentists also perform root canal services. However, endodontists focus exclusively on such procedures. They are experts in treating dental issues that impact the tooth pulp, and they leverage the latest tools and techniques to do so. Endodontists are dedicated to alleviating tooth pain and preserving your natural tooth.


Endodontists undergo specialized training, requiring an additional two years of dental education. This comprehensive training equips them with the skills to diagnose and treat various tooth pain issues related to the pulp and roots.

Common Endodontists Treat

Endodontists perform root canals, but in general they focus on a few common dental issues including:


  • Cracked teeth that include pulp damage
  • Tooth sensitivity to cold or hot
  • Tooth decay
  • Abscess, or pus buildup 
  • Dental injury causing abrupt tooth damage
  • Pulp infections

Visit Our Endodontist in Pasadena Today!

When it comes to tooth pulp and root-related issues, our endodontists have the specialized training to provide exceptional care. Choosing an endodontist from Victory Smiles ensures you receive care from an expert in their field. For dependable endodontist services in Pasadena, The Woodlands, or Huntsville, look no further than Victory Smiles.  


Our entire dental team is dedicated to your oral health. Our endodontist uses the best materials for dental fillings and crowns in your root canal. 


Don’t let tooth pain disrupt your life any longer – schedule your appointment with our expert endodontist in Pasadena today and experience relief from discomfort!