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Say goodbye to tooth pain and bring back your smile with our endodontist at Victory Smiles in The Woodlands.

Toothaches are a common problem that brings many people to the dentist. 


An infected or damaged tooth pulp is a likely culprit for lingering dental pain.


The pulp is inside your tooth and has nerves, blood vessels, and canals. Damage or infection there elicits pain, which may be sharp or dull and constant. 


At Victory Smiles, we have skilled dentists, called endodontists, who specialize in precise root canal treatments. 


They can remove damaged pulp and save your tooth from permanent loss. If you think you need a root canal, don’t wait – visit our endodontist today. 

A Dentist Explaining A Dental Procedure To A Patient

What is an Endodontist?

What makes our endodontists different is they focus on root canals. While regular dentists may do root canals too, our specialists are experts in this area. They use the latest tools to ease tooth pain and keep your natural tooth safe.


Becoming an endodontist means two extra years of training after regular dental school. This extra training helps them diagnose and treat various tooth pain problems. Our endodontists are well-prepared to care for you.

What Tooth Problems Can an Endodontist Help With?

By offering expert root canals, endodontists can address several key dental problems including:


  • Sensitivity to cold or hot temperatures
  • Severe tooth decay 
  • Dental abscesses 
  • Abrupt tooth injuries 
  • Tooth pulp infections
  • Tooth damage that affects the pulp

Visit Our Endodontist for Root Canals in The Woodlands Today

Choose Victory Smiles for top-notch endodontic care in Pasadena, Houston, The Woodlands, or Huntsville. Our whole dental team is committed to your oral health. Our endodontists use high-quality materials for dental fillings and crowns during your root canal.


We’re here to address your tooth pain and save your tooth. Schedule your appointment with our experienced endodontist in The Woodlands today.