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Children’s Tooth Extraction- Preparation Guide

Tooth extraction can be a scary thing for kids. With the jittery nerves and medical environment, it’s not really a surprise that many children are afraid of dental procedures like tooth extractions.


But before you start worrying about your kid’s anxiety and discomfort, here are some tips for making the procedure less painful for kids.

Children's Tooth Extraction- Preparation Guide

Why Do Children Need Tooth Removal?

Tooth extraction is the removal of a damaged tooth. This method is only used on adult teeth when they are beyond repair, but sometimes children may also get a baby tooth extraction to set the stage for orthodontics or other dental work. We only recommend tooth extraction when it is the best option for you (or your child’s) smile.


Our office is clean and the staff is friendly. They will give you anesthetic so that it doesn’t hurt. Then, they take a tool (called an elevator) and loosen your tooth while putting pressure on your gum. You can also have sedation if dental anxiety is a major concern for your child.

Preparing Kids for a Tooth Removal

To prepare your child for a tooth extraction, you should first remind them that the dentist is there to help them. A great way to do this is by explaining that they are going to remove their tooth because it hurts and needs medicine. By taking them to the dentist you are helping the tooth. Secondly, talk about how things will work around the office. Explain who everyone is, from the assistants to the dentists. This will allow your child to feel more at ease with everyone and will let him or her know exactly what is about to happen.


Some other tips to keep in mind include:

Children’s Dentist in Houston, TX

We understand that tooth extraction can be a frightening procedure for children. That is why we encourage you to choose dentist in Houston who can help your child feel comfortable and relaxed. Our team at Victory Smiles is here to offer our expertise in all aspects of dentistry, including extractions. We will do our best to keep your child’s teeth healthy and clean, but sometimes extraction is necessary for the long-term health of their mouth.


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