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Root Canal Treatment Duration: What to Expect

Going through a root canal might feel overwhelming, but learning about the procedure can help put you at ease


A common question we hear is “How long does a root canal last?”


Below, we explore the specifics of root canal treatments and how long they last.

Close-up Of A Root Canal

How Long Does a Root Canal Take?

Root canal sessions usually take one to two hours at Victory Smiles in Houston. Our dental team uses the latest dental technology and modern strategies to ensure an efficient procedure. 


We evaluate your unique dental needs to provide you with a detailed breakdown of how long treatment will take.

How Long Will the Results Last?

The success and longevity of a root canal depend on factors like regular oral care and dental check-ups. With proper care, they can last 10-15 years. 


We provide you with aftercare and maintenance information to help you care for your restoration. Our team also monitors your dental health and will let you know if you need to update your root canal at any time.

Top Root Canal Benefits

Root canal treatment offers several benefits including:

Visit Victory Smiles for a Root Canal in Houston, TX

Count on Victory Smiles for root canals in Houston. Our dental office in Houston leverage expertise, modern dental tools, and our dedication to your oral health. We provide the most comfortable and efficient root canal therapy possible.  


For Houston residents seeking reliable dental care, Victory Smiles is a trusted choice. With skilled professionals, the clinic prioritizes efficient root canal treatments while ensuring patient comfort.


For a personalized and comprehensive dental experience in Houston, schedule an appointment with Victory Smiles.

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